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The Real Discipline

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There’s the Idea Behind this whole site and what it’s about. Then there’s the way to make the idea real, or realise it – Meditate. And the idea is simple, realise sense or sensation and not mind as thought and emotion. But it’s not the whole truth. The real discipline the others are just preparation for is something else. In fact everything I have written, the pages on this site, points to or is preparation for it.

Love is that something else. Love is a discipline. It’s not an attachment, a sentimental consideration, a nice feeling or an acceptable compromise. In fact love is the highest discipline, there is none higher I know of. Love is truth, and truth is arrived at through ignorance, then pure sensation – used to ‘step out’ of the ignorance of mental emotional identity.

You have probably heard the saying; ‘you have to be lost to be found’. Well, there’s truth in it. And once you begin to ‘find’ yourself in the inner sensation it inevitably leads to love. For without love what is the point.


I started out just like anybody else. As a body having to learn what bodies need and can and can’t do in our times. And like any other body I knew the need for love, to love and be loved – my earliest memories, though I may not have used those words then.

I loved this or I loved that, always some thing to love and in search of love, to love and to be loved. That’s great for a while, the wild ride of experience, lost in the delicious addiction of the movement and colour of mind until you realise the form of love always dies one way or another and becomes no more than a habit to be given up through the pain of slowly dying emotional attachment.

Every ‘form’ of love eventually turns to pain, the pain of the death of the attachment or habit the love had turned into. That’s the pain of truth, the way of understanding, then separating in order to move on to the next thing that isn’t love or truth, but merely a form of it, in order to come to the end of the need to experience what is not love. One piece at a time. That’s the way it is; you need to know by undergoing what is not love to give it up.

Without the experience of ignorance you can’t know or realise truth. Ignorance is the past living as the present, through you thinking and talking about it.

Ignorance, past, is not what I am. And there are no saints …


It’s very simple. Real love, the discipline, is ‘nothing’ to start with. And it, the nothing, or Clarity, is first realised through focus on the pure sensation of the body.

You can know it and spend a lifetime realising it and then you die.

Don’t give up your sense of humour. :)

© Mark Berkery



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