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One of the Stingless Sugarbag Bees native to Oz gathering pollen for the hive from one of the Daisy’s in the garden, hungry little fella, about 1cm long and shot on the run.

What is that, truth? I’m sure someone famous has asked before since there is nothing new under the sun, as someone else has also said. So what’s the point to living then?

There must be a point or I wouldn’t be here. And the fact I am here must point to the truth, because if truth isn’t in the fact where is it. Where else could it be? Surely not in imagination, the swamp to lost souls. And there’s only the fact or the fiction.

So what is the fact? I am sitting here writing this, that’s a fact. And the next moment I am (doing) something else which is also a fact, albeit a different one.

But surely if there is such a thing as truth it is common to all who are capable of asking the question or there is more than one truth. I don’t buy that, the duplicity or multiplicity of truths. That’s what we already have with everybody living their own truth that is the source of so much conflict.

So truth must be without conflict? For me it must, because I have known enough conflict to know I don’t want that and I still want the truth. So where can I find no conflict? Is it possible in a world of believers?

Probably not, but does truth depend on what others think it is? I don’t think so, that’s just more imagining. Truth is mine, irrefutable in my own experience, or there is none. For if truth is not mine there is no such thing, or it is all imagining after all.

But anyone who has played around in the imagination knows there is no truth there. No peace of mind, another way of describing ‘no conflict’. Is this making sense to anyone but me?

Peace of mind, what else is worth living for. What else is it you do everything for in the end, if not peace of mind. Or would you say you prefer conflict? Some would, I suspect, having been there. But that’s just the way it is, on the way to truth, you have to know what it is not.

And it’s not conflict or we’d all be at peace. :)

What then is common to all who can ask the question; What is truth? Could it be the measure of intelligence it takes to do so? Could it be to do anything, or for anything to happen or be cognised there must be a measure of intelligence?

Let’s leave so-called objective science out of this and look in our own experience, which is now, and not some past book or words of some ‘wise old man or woman’ who are not here now.

Truth, surely, has to be now or it’s not here now. And anything that’s not here now is imagination, gone, hasn’t come.

So what is common to all that is now? It’s a fair question, no? What is truth? In my own, your own experience.

I am. What I call ‘I’. I in the question and the questioner, I in the doer and the doing, I in the happening, the living and the dying.

I am the truth. I, the intelligence behind the appearance of any body or thing at all, am, the truth.

So you are the truth too, if you can just see ‘I’ in all things.

And the way to do it is negate anything that is not ‘I’.

Negate, render to nothing, everything.

For no-thing is ‘I’. Or ‘I’ am.

Then, like any truth, it must be lived.

Just thought I’d get that out today.

In that way.

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