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Truth, what it is …

If the word truth stands for anything these days it has to be the end of suffering. Suffering is being emotional and thinking about it and is ended by right action, knowing what I am doing. Any conscious action that helps reduce the volume of random thinking and the emotion it generates.

So what is the simple truth? I, ‘I’ am the truth. I in any body, where you are, is the truth. Is that difficult? I, in the body reading this, am the truth in the body reading this. I am the truth in any body. What is this truth I am? Nothing, nothing the mind can think.

Then there is what I am. I am a body. Not the body in the mirror, the body inside where I know clarity or pain. The body I am is, in the first instance, the sensation in the body – also unthinkable. The way back to the truth of ‘I’ is through the sensation.

When I practise this truth, by focus of attention on sensation, enough, the problem of mind, thinking and emotion, dies. Or dies enough that I don’t have to suffer from it any more. At work here is the truth what I give my attention to lives, the rest dies, dies enough that it’s not a problem any more. It’s a gradual process of negation.

This practise of truth I am in the body, the sensation, is always done now, not tomorrow. It is the sensation in the body now, feel the tingling or pressure inside the hands (for instance). That’s it, and this is now.

So, there is the problem of mind, thinking and emotion. And there is the solution, or truth, the being of the sensation in the body that leads to clarity, or peace of mind. It’s that simple. Another word for the realisable reality behind this is love.

I am not special. This is something anybody who has suffered, and recognises the need for, can do. It’s just a question of willingness, willing to give up the habit of mind.

Do you see the need for peace of mind? I can show you how to do it, because I have done it by the same means, someone helped me.

Is this something you want to do? What is your experience now, peace of mind or suffering?

Do you have a truth you live now? Do you have a problem with anything I’ve said here?

Have you ever recognised your inner reality reflected in your circumstances?

It’s up to you how deep we go here, I can only respond. Do you have any questions?

No question is insignificant and I will respond to every one.

Anyone want to kick off and see where this goes?

In comments below or privately …

And for your viewing pleasure. There is truth in the sense of this little beauty, colour, form and space – the sense of sense behind it all. The truth of sense is the end of thinking and emotion. What I do …

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