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This blog started on Friday 1/2/2008. The older posts you can see were uploaded for the record as I have been keeping this log since December 2007. Not all posts older than 1/2/2008 have been uploaded yet.

Copyright : Everything on this site is my own work and I reserve all rights to it. However, if you want to use any pic for your ‘personal’ phone or desktop feel free. I only ask that you don’t edit my name off it. For commercial use there is a charge.

Contact : contact(at)beingmark(dot)com


*** To view pictures, left click on one and when it opens left click on it again and it will expand to fill the screen, or at least optimise. From 11th July 2008 they automatically open in a new tab.

Basically, if you like my pix enough to want to see them bigger and better FireFox is good. If you don’t have it all you have to do is DL it here – – and click a pic.


The following is some general information I think is pertinent. And some guidance on how to navigate through the blog. I trust it is helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments use the comments box at the bottom of this page, or any page, and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

The latest post is the one you see when you arrive at this site, that’s the front page. The front page shows the last ten posts, for now. This month’s posts are accessible from the Next Page button at the bottom of the front page. The order is reverse chronology, one post at a time. A list of Recent Posts is also accessible from the sidebar.

Or : All posts are accessible from the calendar – Find A Post By Date – in the sidebar. You can click from month to month and hover on any highlighted day and see what the post title is for that day. Click the number and you go to that post. I suggest you open the post in another tab in your browser. See tip below.

Note : The Titles page is just that and all titles are now linked and will open in a new tab of your browser when clicked on. I use Firefox and don’t know about other browsers.

Note : The search engine is unpredictable at best. And little surprises can be delightful. So I leave it there in the sidebar.


To leave a comment or question for me on any post go to the bottom of the post or page and click on a line reading ‘no comments yet’ if you are the first, or you will find a grey box you just left click in it and start writing.

Or : Mail me at contact(at)beingmark(dot)com


Tip. I often find it helpful to open different Pages of a website in different Tabs of the browser. Right click the link you want to go to and you get a drop-down box of options. Go to the second from the top, Open Link In New Tab, and left click it. You now have two pages open in their own tab. When done this way the new tab opens beneath the one you are viewing.

You can open as many tabs as you like – given the necessary hardware configuration – to make it easier to get around in the site. It saves the time it takes going from one page to another in the same tab and allows you to quickly flip between tabs/pages should you find it necessary or useful for any reason.

© Mark Berkery

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