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December 2007 : Nature 1st, Just Keeping the Grass Down 5th, On The Wild Side 7th, Sticky Frog 9th, King Of The Castle 11th, In The Rain 16th, Tadpoles 19th, Calving Time 21st, Elusive Butterfly 26th, Wily Little Spider 26th, Little Lady Wasp 27th, The One That Got Away 28th, Where I Live 29th, When I Got Up 31st


January 2008 : Stormy Weather 1st, Climbing In Mooball 2nd, Herculean Feet 3rd, Deluge 3rd, Flood 4th, Two Things About Frogs 5th, Rain Rain 6th, Black Beauty 7th, Ingenuity 8th, Yellow Nymph and other beings 9th, The Last Day 11th, Good Gum Boots , Knight in Black Amour , Sensations , Uphill Curve , Taking it Easy , Mud House , Twilight , Careful With the Deet , Against the Stream , Poem , No Such Thing as a Mental Cat? , Phew! , The Deep Blue Black , Gentleman Mechanic and Golden Boy 29th, Man Oh Man! 31st

February 2008 : A Most Significant Day For Me 1st, Jumping Spider 3rd, Pouring Down 4th, Not Much Doing 5th, Messengers Of The Gods 6th, 32C Ambient 7th, Mine Eyes Have Seen…. 8th, Metropolis 9th, Djinn 10th, Kaleidoscope 11th, Grainy Day 12th, Green Magic 13th, Character 14th, Ascended What? 15th, Nothing Doing, Being Nothing 16th, Here’s Lookin At You 17th, For The Love Of …. 18th, Passion 19th, No Problem 20th, Little Warrior 21st, What’s In A Name? 22nd, In The Green 23rd, Neon Wonder Fly 24th, Not A Single Tear 25th, Ant 27th

March 2008 : Eye’s Up 1st, Into The Wind, Grey Wind 2nd, Colour Day 6th, Red Glassed Blackness 9th, My Old Hat 10th, My New Hat 13th, Global What? 14th, Little God 15th, Noisy Miner 20th, In The Forest 21st, A New Day 22nd, Good Day Sunshine! 27th, Grace 28th, About The Place 31st

April 2008 : New Place 2nd, Another world? 5th, Red Crowned Angel 7th, In The Drink 11th, Black Wasp 14th, Bug’s (‘n’ things) From the Garden 30th

May 2008 : Waves of Intelligence 17th, Winter Sunshine 24th, Sir Ant 31st

June 2008 : Ancient Friend 2nd, Flower 8th, B I F? 14th, Green Lady Lacewing 20th, Busy Bee, A Friend In Need 28th

July 2008 : A Colourful Garden 3rd, Little Beauty Being 9th, Just Doing What They Do 11th, Still Climbing 14th, Intelligent Earth 17th, Livin Aint Easy! 30th

August 2008 : Wandering in the Wonder 3rd, Once More 6th, Reflections 9th, Forest Dwellers 10th, Walkabout 14th, Flower Power 17th, Death And Life 21st, Struggle? 28th

September 2008 : Rainin Cat’s ‘n’ Dog’s 9th, A Long Long Time Ago 10th, A Rare Animal 14th, Raise the Sun 18th,Others 21st, Change in the Air 25th, Passion – Fruit 29th

October 2008 : FBTSOMP 5th, Out and About 11th, Stalking the Dragon 16th, From the Wild 20th

November 2008 : System Failure 1st, School Bus Driver 3rd, The ‘Photographer’ 6th, Shape Shifter 10th, Exotica 16th, Rain, Rain, Here it Comes Again 21st, Fly Posting 24th, New Wave 28th, UFO’s 29th

December 2008 : Butterfly Night – Cicada Sky 2nd, Moth – Old Friend 7th, Little Lady Lizard 12th, Red Dragon Dancing 20th, One Summer’s Day 23rd, Stick 28th


January 2009 : The Fly 3rd, Mango Heaven 7th, Wanted – Dead or Alive 16th, Home? 23rd, Aussie Wasp 27th

February2009 : The Rellie’s 6th, Hidden Treasure 9th, Death of a Dragon 20th

March 2009 : Grasshopper 5th, Beautiful Black Bee 8th, Mother Nature 17th, Rose – A Simple Pleasure 22nd, Dragon’s Return – Red Lace Queen 26th

April 2009 : Season’s End 4th, Rain … on some colourful characters 12th, Beauty – Bugs ‘n’ All! 16th, Where’s that Ant going? 19th, Double Summer 24th

May 2009 : A Wonder 1st, Possum 6th, Changes 11th, What God Is 19th, Spider Craft 27th, Fly Soup 29th

June 2009 :Ant 2nd, Moon Light 7th, Fly at Sundown 9th, The Light at the End … 10th, Golden Wonder 12th,Rain! 26th, The Fly 27th,

July 2009 : Ambrosia 2nd, Magical I 4th, Sail On 9th, A Plethora … 12th, Zen Frog 19th, Going To Market 26th, Caught Out 28th,

August 2009 : Life on the Rim 1st, Fossilised I 2nd, The Other Side 4th, Strange Fly 7th, Lord in Blue 11th, Damsel In The Dark 16th, Man Unmasked 19th, The Day … 21st, Look After … 24th, Life Cycles … 25th, Time Comes To Die 27th, Wild Things 29th

September 2009 : Tumble In The Jungle 4th, Gi’s A Break! 7th, A Mother Fly 11th, Chandler Market October ’09 12th, Spider Time 15th, Pilgrimage 18th, A Long Way To Market 24th, It’s Never Too Late 30th

October 2009 : Masked Paramour 2nd, Breakdown 13th, Whose Art Was That? 20th, A Silver Song 28th, Wild Hibiscus Tree – Harlequin And Friends 31st

November 2009 : Hot Spot 7th, Summer Time … 12th, Not Dead Yet :) 21st, A Simple Prayer 24th, Rainforest Flower Weevil 26th, A Few Creatures … 30th

December 2009 : Out Of Time 3rd, Flight Risk 4th, An Absence of Impatience 5th, That Time of Year (Life?) … 9th, Night Life 11th, Nothing 16th, Silence is Golden 19th


January 2010 : Who Knows? 15th, Hopper 22nd

February 2010 : After the Rain … 1st, The Perfect Picture … 6th, Assassin at Work 14th, Nomad 25th

March 2010 : Wasp – Spider Hunter 1st, A Little Colour 11th, Beauty Queen 20th, Magical Bee 26th

April 2010 : A Little Purple 4th, A Fly By Four 7th, Predator – Shield Bug 13th, A Most Unusual View 20th, The Lookout 23rd, Dew Drop Time 27th, The Disregarded 30th

May 2010 : Green Things 3rd, Green Damsel on Yellow 6th, Golden Soldier Fly + 1 or 2 11th, Domino Cuckoo Bee 15th, Ichneumon Wasp – Laying on Mantis 19th, Little Red Beetle 23rd, Sweet Bee 24th, Creatures of Divinity 28th, Damsel on a Flower 31st

June 2010 : Visitor to the Mantis Nest 1st, Hide and Seek 3rd, A Dark Winter Sunshine 9th, Mason’s of Old 12th, Cold Cold Sun 16th, Surprise Surprise 22nd, Fly on Mushroom – Yum! 24th

July 2010 : Flower Power 2 4th, Yellow 5th, Flap 8th, An Unusual Death 12th, Blue 14th, Winter Bounty 18th, Civilized Ant 24th, Life on the Wood 28th

August 2010 : Macro Nature Illustrated 4th, Sweety the Lizard 15th, Silver Dancer 17th, Queen of the Bollard – Yellow Ladybug 25th, The Dark Side 30th

September 2010 : Little Blue Bee 4th, Damaged Butterfly 10th, Li’l Bee 17th, Toad Awakening 26th, Wasp – ed 27th, Sparkling Sunshine Night 30th

October 2010 : Nocturnal Visitation 1st, The Perfect Picture … 7th, A Little Blue 8th, Rainbow Wanderer 13th, This Little beauty … 18th, King of Flies – Robber of Life 22nd, Him ‘n Her 29th

November 2010 : ‘Shield’ Bug 3rd, Tick Tick 9th, Little Wizard 14th, Devilish Monkery 19th, Whether the Weather … 22nd, Macro Day One 28th

December 2010 : Prince of Light 4th, Elemental Me 11th, Macro Day Two 17th, Neon Blue Delight 18th, The Kill 24th


January 2011 : Rainforest Recital 3rd, Macro Day Three 7th, A Guest in the House 15th, Green Adventurer 17th, Dangerous Liaison 21st, Macro Day Four 27th, Mystic Nomad 28th

February 2011 : Macro Day Five 3rd, Cicada Ladies and Nights 5th, Macro Day Six 13th, Welcome to My Nature 18th, G’day Mate 20th, The Idea Behind … 24th, Macro Day Seven 27th

March 2011 : Dark Visitor … 2nd, Blades of Colour 10th, Magical Mystical Beeuties 14th, Dreams of Coloured Yew … 20th, Colour Me Wicked … 30th

April 2011 : Why, oh why? 8th, Pearls of Clarity 13th, The Mythical Bunyip of Oz … 18th, Genesis 20th, There is no such thing as ‘Just’ a Bee … 22nd

May 2011 : A Field of Bees … 2nd, Lady In Moonlight 6th, The Dreams Of Bees 21st, The Texture and Colour of Life 23rd, Sunrise on Dew laden Nomad and friends … 28th

June 2011 : A Little Purple 15th, Potter Wasp – the Nomad’s Neighbour 19th

July 2011 : Rescue, Rescue! 3rd, Hello Doli 9th,  A Princely Fellow 10th,  Kooki Kool 22nd

August 2011 : Snake in the Grass 18th,  Perfectly Queen … of the Bees 22nd

September 2011 : Ready or Not 5th, Petals of Pearl 15th, Dry Time 28th

October 2011 : A Jewel of Harlequins 9th, A Wave of Wasps 19th

November 2011 : Wooyung – Spring ’11 5th, Dark Neon Beauty 16th

December 2011 : Gold 2nd, Bee on Sunset 19th


January 2012 : A Time For … 9th, The Yellow Bucket 14th, The Flood  27th, After The Flood 30th

February 2012 : And Now? 4th, Darkling Green 11th, A Silent Death 22nd

March 2012 : Water, Water, Everywhere … 5th, On The Wild Side 11th, Apocalypticis, A Glimpse of Death? 27th, Radiant Sunlight 28th

April 2012 : Wake Up Call 15th, The Fly … 23rd, Read This at Your Peril … 24th, This Little Girl … 27th

May 2012 : Mother, Mother … 4th, Mother and Children 12th, In The Green … 19th, My Beautiful Babes … 24th, The End … 31st

June 2012 : Ant Queen … 10th, Lady of the Morning 14th, ………. 21st, Pasion Fruit … 28th

July 1012 : Daisy! Oh, Dai-i-aisy! 8th, Nesting the Mask 19th

August 2012 : Winter Sun Flowers 3rd, To Dream a Bee 14th

September 2012 : In The Morning 12th, The Beautiful Abyss … 19th, ………. 29th

October 2012 : Thank You For The Arm! 9th, Falling to Earth 25th

November 2012 : Early Xmas Colour 5th, Cock O’ The Walk 11th, Death By Any Means? 22nd, Little Earth 26th

December 2012 : Bug’s Galore … 11th, Maternal Instinct 19th, New Year? 31st


January 2013 : The Dry 22nd

February 2013 : The Wet 1st, Our Beautiful Blue Banded Bee 8th, Are We There Yet? – In The Rain 20th

March 2013 : Gardener’s Delight? 6th, Painted Stranger 13th, Adventures After Dark 25th

April 2013 : Waiting On Time _ To Pass 13th, Autumnal Spring 18th

May 2013 : Rain On … 2nd, Rainbow Wanderer ll 17th, Fly Time 25th

June 2013 : Surprise, Surprise 6th, Bee Odyssey 15th, Unsung Heroes and Edward Snowden 28th

July 2013 : Another Day … 3rd, Come Fly with Me … 15th, Winter’s End … 30th

August 2013 : Spider Me Blue 4th, They Come, They Go … 18th, In Limbo 29th

September 2013 : A Little Sunshine 12th, A Hunting We Will Go … 16th, A Dark Knight on Blue … 26th

October 2013 : Be – Jewelled 10th, Golden Eye 24th

November 2013 : Residents of A Certain Nature 4th, Bee on My Finger 19th

December 2013 : A Golden Meal 1st, For The Life of Me … 6th, The Brothers We-evil 15th


January 2014 : Rare Earth 2nd, Storm Crew 12th, Meditation … 29th

February 2014 : Apple Ant 10th, New Born – Again 27th

March 2014 : Road – Kill – Heaven 5th, A Sleepy Dragon 29th

April 2014 : Of A Certain Nature 24th

May 2014 : Portraiture 2nd, Nectar Of The Gods 12th

June 2014 : Dragon Hunt 10th, Long Night In The Undergrowth 22nd

July 2014 : To Laugh About … 3rd, Night Fly 17th

August 2014 : The Dead Of … 5th, Disguised 28th

September 2014 : Gone … 7th, Sense And Sensation 14th

October 2014 : Little Heart, Big Hearted 9th, Gardening … 17th, Advertising … 20th, Jumper … 27th

November 2014 : Life In The Green 3rd, Prayer … 7th, Knock, Knock … 19th, Smiley … 22nd, Bee – Haviour 30th

December 2014 : Lobelia Cafe … 13th, Denizen … 17th


January 2015 : Dear Bee … 1st, Forbidden Fruit – Fly 15th, Beyond The Rain 23rd, Treasure Ant 29th

February 2015 : Old Moulds … 12th, The Company Of Bees 25th

March 2015 : Wild Being 5th, Daylight Robbery 13th, Bait ‘n’ Capture 26rd

April 2015 : Be – Jewelled 11th, Pretty Boy 24th

May 2015 : Whittling Down The Form … 11th, Born Of The Green 27th

June 2015 : Little Things … 4th, Sweet Attraction … 18th, Canon 70D – Pany FZ50 + G1 24th

July 2015 : The Invitation … 2nd, The Huntress 10th, The Hunter 17th, Luna … 23rd, Meditate … 27th, Urban Jungle Monk 31st

August 2015 : Honey Bee Central 7th, Things That Fly … 16th, Dragon Days 22nd, A Shooting Star 27th

September 2015 : And Now … 4th, Pretty On Pink 11th, Watering The Ants 18th, Our Leonine Nature 25th, Coloured Light 30th

October 2015 : Spring Time 4th, Golden Head 9th, Droning On … 16th, Butterfly Bush 23rd, Ambush … 27th

November 2015 : She … 6th, Raiders On The Toms … 13th, Noble Visitors … 23rd

December 2015 : What A Feast … 3rd, Gypsy Spider … 11th, Macro Meet in SE Brisbane? + The Three Hombres … 18th, And Then There Were … 27th, Macro Walkabout 30th

January 2016 : Rare Visitor 3rd, Macro Nature Photography … 12th, Hemispherical Living … 17th, The Strangest Thing … 22nd, On The Edge … 29th

February 2016 : Flowers … 5th, To The Rescue 12th, New Wave Bugs 19th, To Bee … 28th

March 2016 : The Banquet 4th, Old Haunts … 11th, A Colourful Death 18th, Masked Bee 25th

April 2016 : Long Horn 1st, Little beauty … 8th, Master Your Art 15th, Life On Dead Tree … 22nd, Bee Magic 30th

May 2016 : Meditation – Once More 6th, Then There Was … 13th, Sand … 20th, Treasure … 27th

June 2016 : Banana Drama … 3rd, Time Flies … 10th, Straggler … 17th, The Last Bee … 23rd

July 2016 : Crucified … 1st, Life On A Lemon 8th, All Sorts … 15th, Travelling Ant 22nd, Introducing … 29th

August 2016 : A Blast … 5th, Bee – Blue Banded Beauty 12th, Keeping It Simple 19th, Self Portrait 26th

September 2016 : Morning Queen 2nd, Emergence … 9th, Dark Jewels 16th, Pollinators Past 23rd, Dragon Salad 30th

October 2016 : Fly By Nite 7th, Colours 14th, Time Flies … 21st, Blue Butterfly Bush 28th

November 2016 : Cicada Day … 4th, Butterfly Ball 10th, Silk Traveller 16th, Anomaly … 18th, Spider Mates 25th

December 2016 : Creatures Of Night 2nd, Oddballs … 9th, Spider Hunter 14th, Of Creatures Past … 16th, Elusive Beauty 23rd, Seasonal Girl 30th

January 2017 : See No Weevil 6th, Longhorn … 13th, Friends … 20th, The Wilds … 27th

February 2017 : Flying Visit 3rd, Shielded 10th, Pictures … 17th, Painted Dancer 24th

March 2017 : The Joker 3rd, Beauty Bee 10th, Mother Wasp 17th, Young Bee On Yellow 24th, The Collected Works … 31th

April 2017 : Bluey The Fly 7th, Karingal … 14th, Little Wonders 21st, Green Gold Bee 28th

May 2017 : Green Gold Bee-2 5th, Friends And Neighbours … 12th, Rainbow Life … 19th, Morning Glory Purple 26th

June 2017 : Black And White – I Fly  2nd, A Dozen Of … 9th, A Crooked Dozen … 16th, Another Dozen … 23rd, Not Another Dozen … 30th

July 2017 : Flower 7th, Flowers Of Winter 14th, Winter Colour 21st, Times Past … 28th

August 2017 : Picture Perfect 4th, Flower Attack 11th, Signs Of Life 18th, My Nature … 25th

September 2017 : A Congregation 1st, The Company … 8th, Beez … 15th, Space Bugs 22nd, Characters 29th

October 2017 : Mother’s Return 6th, Mother – Again 13th, Bug Rain 20th, Jacaranda & Co 27th

November 2017 : Helmed Warrior 3rd, ………. 7th, Woman … 10th, Elegant Visitor 17th, Bee Life 24th

December 2017 : Twilight Beauty 1st, A Few Pictures … 8th, Another Few Pictures 15th, Assassin 22nd, A Few Pictures More 29th

January 2018 : Sawfly … 5th, Intelligence … 12th, Bugs … Bugs … Bugs 26th

February 2018 : Assassin Baby … 2nd, Assassin … 9th, Leap Of … 16th, Born Again … Again 23rd

March 2018 : Friday 2nd, Blue Banded Bee 9th, Time Flys 16th, Horse Flys 23rd, Kooky … 30th

April 2018 : Lilith 6th, Golden 13th, Squatters 20th, Snake 27th

May 2018 : Seasons End 4th, Possum 2 9th, Possum … 11th, Bee Purple 18th, Just … 25th

June 2018 : The Last BBB … 1st, The Beez … 8th, Butcher Bird 15th, Garden Life 22nd, The Golden Road 29th

July 2018 : Curiouser And Curiouser 6th, Ancient Life 13th, Spider … 20th, Racing Red 27th

August 2018 : Ugly Duckling 3rd, Homeless 10th, The Washing 12th, Away … 17th, A Watery Grave 24th, Saved Again 31st

September 2018 : Hidden Jewel 7th, Wolf … 14th, Endeavour … 21st, Recovery 28th

October 2018 : Giant Flea? 2nd, Heir Apparent 4th, Frogs … 11th, Coloured 19th, Better Late … 26th

November 2018 : That Time 2nd, Fly Time 2 9th, Wasp Day 16th, Oddfellows + The Garden 23rd, Wanderer 30th

December 2018 : Assassin Baby 2 7th, Variety 14th, Natural Neon 21st, Bee Mystery 28th

January 2019 : Neon Bandit 4th, Neon Returns 11th, Giants 18th, Neon Baby 25th

February 2019 :

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