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Bee on Sunset

It’s warm these days and not so easy to capture a shot of these very fast moving bees, especially out in the wild. So I wait for them at dusk and watch for where they land, and fly and land again. It’s never as simple as taking one spot and sticking to it. They need to settle in like any creature, in their way, moving to and fro until they are right. No more disturbance, inside, and ready for the night.

So, because the temperature often determines how active our bees are, there is a very short window of opportunity, two of them with natural light, and the best one is at dusk.

Waiting to the last minute is an option, or working what I can from a certain darkness, maneuvering the roost for the BG as I go, until I get something that is not the same as hundreds I can get without the work.

So, after a little work, here is the first Blue Banded Bee of the year. On the setting sun. A fitting BG for such a tireless little wonder.

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Green gold, red, blue …

I prefer to call them Jewel Beetles, christmas beetles they are usually called. But christmas is a hoax, the usurpation of what was once the celebration of a passing or seasonal change – with a knowledge of the heavens and earth as its basis, instead of the economic and psychological exploitation it is today – the same thing really, exploitation – the way we are.

Well, we can simply acknowledge the good, whatever it is. The starry night, a windy day, rain in the afternoon, the colourful flowers. The amusing character of the bugs in the garden. A partner if there is one. So many things, small and not so …


They favoured the fern for eating at the time so I worked with that. Gotta take what you’re given, if you can. And so I present to you … one of the wonders of the earth – of which there are countless. A springtime character.

Gold, a colour in the psyche on the way down, or is it up, to a place that’s not this one.

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