Nature's Place


Green gold, red, blue …

I prefer to call them Jewel Beetles, christmas beetles they are usually called. But christmas is a hoax, the usurpation of what was once the celebration of a passing or seasonal change – with a knowledge of the heavens and earth as its basis, instead of the economic and psychological exploitation it is today – the same thing really, exploitation – the way we are.

Well, we can simply acknowledge the good, whatever it is. The starry night, a windy day, rain in the afternoon, the colourful flowers. The amusing character of the bugs in the garden. A partner if there is one. So many things, small and not so …


They favoured the fern for eating at the time so I worked with that. Gotta take what you’re given, if you can. And so I present to you … one of the wonders of the earth – of which there are countless. A springtime character.

Gold, a colour in the psyche on the way down, or is it up, to a place that’s not this one.

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