Nature's Place

In The Green …

It’s a colour that can’t be avoided. It’s everywhere, even if it looks like no nature could live here – if here were a hole in a wall – there it is, green – if only a speck to start with. Nature’s primary colour.

And between the Sun and Earth, with some influence of the Moon and planets, all the other colours arise, each having its own place of being – like leaves on a Sunflower stalk.

And it is all done inside, deep in the psyche that is the inner of deep outer space. It’s where colour is made, first. Then it happens ‘out’ here. In other words it is created in the act of seeing.

You don’t have to believe anything to know if this is true. You only have to look when the mind is still. Or look ‘past’ or through the mind to the other side of it, inside, as you would dirt on a window pane, and you will see what is there now.

The best way to do this is just ignore what arises from the mind as thought, and as an aid focus on the simple tingling sensation anywhere in the body – one and the other.

Eyes closed helps, in the darkness is good, comfortable. But it can be done anywhere, any time, by anybody who is so inclined.

Look past the things of mind and see what you see. It could be anything, but it is surely right for you, as sure as night follows day. It is surely true, and may not be so tomorrow.

Look into the depths of deep inner space, past the forms that have been gathered in this life, and on the way in you will see all that you were on the way out.

Only now you don’t have to hold on to any of it, let go. Or hold to the simple sensation, the tingling, anywhere you find it. Or the sense of wellbeing, being well – it has little to do with physical health.

Everybody who’s searching is looking for origins, the why and where from, or solution outside when all that is needed is to look inside to where it all comes from.

What is it that is behind the forms of mind, and in the forms of nature, that is not man made?

When stillness descends. What is it?

Or after some work in the garden, or a walk in the field, sit down and close your eyes. It’s possible the pure psychic impression of the nature you have just been in and acknowledging will be resonating in your mind. Let it be, relax.

Let it ring inside as the bell rings out here, hold to nothing. The re-sounding of your sweet nature.

And be at peace, because nothing else really matters.


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