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Just Keeping the Grass Down

Since moving here to the Crabbes Creek area seven months ago I have been disposing of any cane toads that show up. It’s December now so that would have been the end of summer here in Aus. In the first few weeks I collected about 100 toads. I catch them one at a time and put them in a bag then put them in the freezer; it’s the least violent means of killing them I know of.

The numbers dwindled dramatically over the winter and there have only been a few so far this spring. The upside of this specicide is the lovely green frogs are back in breeding numbers and I am delighted to hear their throaty calls bellowing (or is it croaking) down the drainpipes at dusk and other times, especially when rain is about to fall.

I also get plagues of beetles, not the singing kind, and I have to have a light on outside to attract them away from the house at night. I have seen Christmas beetles; they have all different colours on their back, like a Christmas tree. And opal beetles, bigger than the Christmas ones, with a white opalescent wing carapace. It really is a lovely area, and a lovely place I live.

Been busy keeping the grass down where I live, on an acre+. With all the rain and sunshine, and a push mower to do it. It has to be done when the weather allows. And it looks like we are in for a normal rainy summer. Normal around here I am told. Yesterday I was on the roof clearing the gutters – I live on rainwater, and forgot my hat. Had to go to bed in the afternoon with mild sunstroke – can’t forget to respect the power of the sun.

The truck has been in the mechs. and needs prep for sale too. I might have to go on the dole soon and hang on to a little rainy day money. Not much work to be had around here and not moved to move. Or I’ll see if I can get some easy work for the truck, it pays better and I’d be able to buy some things I need to write the book.

A cat came with the house, abandoned by the last tenants. She was very upset, depressed, having a bit of a breakdown when I first met her. But she’s at home again and a big talker – there were kids here before us which is one explanation for her talking a lot- always meowing to me in varying tones and situations.

It also explains her depression; she got too close to humans. I fed her and got her a flea collar and just loved her a little and she settled down. She adopted me and I adopted her, to look after the best I can. She’s doing ok now. (RIMG0935.JPG)

There is another cat comes by in the evenings, he has the look of a much mistreated cat, probably another abandonment – there’s a lot around these parts, (especially dogs – worrying the calves). He is sometimes a sad little thing and sometimes a vicious little thing. He allows me within a few metres now. He’s a cat. She’s a cat. Cool cats.

The problem with this fellow is he is dominant and Djinn, Karen’s cat, is still here and he gets bullied by the tom. So I’ve run the tom off. I look after my charges.

Having looked in recent years at something of what passes for spiritual teaching/ers I am amazed anybody listens to them. But it seems people will settle for anything as long as it’s not too real in a mowing the grass sort of way. As long as it rains there’s always grass to be mowed.

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