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Little Wonders

Orange Tail Resin Bee mucking about … in the mud left for them to use in sealing up their nest entrances.

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Flower beetle, doing what they do. In this case not a lot … sitting on a leaf, a wandering now and then.

A fine Fly feeding on the butterfly bush flowers. A sup from nature’s cup.

Caterpillar enjoying the native pink crocus flower. They get a pot, I get a pot. Each to their own, more or less.

Bug visitor, didn’t stay for long and didn’t come back. Off journeying in the wild.

In praise of a flower, a Drone Fly bows. They have their season, long gone now.

A common enough fly in the garden, a Greenbottle Fly I say – because it’s more green than blue.

Fairly big Leaf Beetle enjoying a munch on Eucalyptus. What a digestion it must have.

And a little Shovel Head Beetle, on my finger. Landed at my feet while hanging out the washing. Took to the sky after a little sun.

Every little thing perfectly fitted to its place in the great Earth machine.

An expression of intelligence from an unknowable source.

Unknowable, but not beyond sensing and being.

Where there’s the will …

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Karingal …

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is an old scout camp not far from me, with a few dams in interesting terrain, wooded and hilly.

They sure do pick the best spots for their camps. There’s always some trails to ramble and water to sustain the nature.

Though it’s the end of summer, into autumn here already, there’s still a few creatures to be found where conditions permit.

This bug was alone on a leaf by the dam, a youngster by the look of it, with buds for wings. It will probably molt a few times yet.

We molt too, don’t we. By leaving the past behind so the new can be. If we’re lucky.

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The Collected Works …

Proud little moth, sitting on a blue car reflected. A golden cloak of scaled wings, antennae laid back, snub nose, big eyes.

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A long bug against blue sky through the trees, maybe pregnant. In between actions, being. A place to lay …

Wary fly looking down from power pole with mate on other end of him/her. Power lines are above ground in Oz.

Cockroach, of an abundant tribe, at rest on the wire. Tough as they are the geckos and ants make short work of them.

Baby gecko waiting under the night light for an accidental meal, almost certainly. Way to grow …

Mature fly, enough to die. Found on its back on the ground. A stick to its flailing legs and up it came once more. Lazarus fly …

Tiny weevil casting about after landing on a strange world of old dried out plum on a stick. Finding its way.

of nature. Well, a few anyway, those that are presented. Forms of life to be in wonder of, the colours, the shapes, the look.

There is always something interesting to see in nature. It’s interesting because it’s our nature, not really apart as it seems.

It provides a reflection of sorts, if we can see through our own mind made stuff, thought and emotion.

To the fact of things. There’s no problem in nature, a mirror to simple practical being.

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Young Bee On Yellow

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Late one hot sunny afternoon I was watering the garden and noticed it stopped on the flower for a while as the wind died down.

It seemed comfortable enough and didn’t object to a spray of misted water from the hose, which quickly dried off.

I left it there to forage into the twilight and by morning it was gone, likely into the space-ways at first light.

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Mother Wasp

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It’s a rare event in my experience, to see this mother lay her egg into the Orange-tail Resin Bee’s nest. Once a year or so.

It’s the only place I see this particular kind of wasp, except when I rescue one from the water below – just as rare.

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Beauty Bee

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One Blue Banded Bee left on my side of the fence after a long dry summer and recent wild weather.

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The Joker


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Outlandish looking thing, perfectly camouflaged on the spent butterfly bush flowers.

However odd the appearance nature has another form for every space.

And occupies every need for one purpose, reflection.

Unerringly – it only looks messy.

Odd is natural.

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Painted Dancer

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Robotic, staccato movement of tiny feet across the flowers. Behind her a trail of silk to anchor.

Big eyed beauty sees all in her world, strangers above a certain size reveal themselves at their peril.

Such confidence she has, or lack of self consciousness – unaware of the sharp eyed crow overhead.

Pure instinctive being, untouchable by discursive thought or emotion – as we know it.

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Pictures …


Smiley … Gecko, hunting in the garden at night.

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Weevil on a rope, strung up to train the passion fruit vine along.


Night-time cockroach eating a dried black plum staked in the garden. Ever hunting antennae.


Another resin bee recovered from the watering can. It takes a while before they can fly again.


Longhorn weevil at sunset on the sunflower stalk. Not yet dark enough to be active.


Small katydid untangling its antennae on the crocus.


Orb weaver spider casting a thread into the night to begin making its web.


Fly on the butterfly bush, enjoying a nectar laced diet.


Longhorn under the light at night. Within range of a prowling gecko.

of a few creatures from the garden.

Wandering at ease in the nature, see what happens there.

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