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Sticky Frog

Nearly every night now, since the cane toads started showing up again, I check around the house to see if there is anything for bagging and freezing. Just two in the last few days. One small one and another mature buck, standing strong like a fighter with a big body and narrow neck, head jutting proud towards the sky.

I catch them by shining the torch on them, for some reason that keeps them from running – and they can move fast when they want to. Maybe they are blinded by the light or ‘freezing’ (no pun intended) is a defense mechanism – I know it is for the green tree frogs, and it works with the cats. If it doesn’t move the cat isn’t interested.

As soon as I am close enough I put my hand inside the plastic bag, using it like a glove, and grip the toad firmly so it can’t wriggle free. They are strong. I pull the bag off my arm and down over the toad. Then I tie a knot in the bag and put it in the freezer. They are dumped with the trash on Tues nights. The young buck was a heavy fellow.

I usually tell the toad ‘you’re going home’ with the knowledge, in my own experience, home is nothing – nowhere. All things in existence eventually return home.

Tonight while checking around I saw one of the big green frogs sitting in my trucks back wheel. I don’t want it to settle in the truck so I went over to move it. I don’t disturb the natural creatures if I can help it so when I picked it up I was surprised it was so sticky. Like a cold kind of rubber that wouldn’t slip on my skin. It held on to my hand so I gripped it gently as I brought it to the bath I have set up for the frogs. (RIMG1406.JPG is on a plant next to the water bowl)

The bath is just a glass bowl about 9 inches diameter set below a hole in the overflow rainwater tank. And since it has been raining a lot recently it is full and dripping fresh clear rainwater for the frogs to enjoy. When I left it the frog was still soaking it up. My pleasure.

They can climb anywhere around here and I enjoy it when I come across one unexpectedly while doing my rounds at night. A real pleasure. (RIMG1204.JPG) This one was by the water pump near the old tank.

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