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Elusive Butterfly

It’s been quiet here where I live, my neighbors know I don’t do Christmas and they leave me alone. That’s good, I enjoy people in very small doses. The more worldly, i.e. drinking, smoking, chat-chat-chat, the smaller the tolerable dose. (They probably have other reason for leaving me alone, but that’s another story.)

Recently I borrowed a digital camera to take some pix to go with the short stories I’ve been writing, something extra for the sense of sight to bring the story more to life. The more sense employed the deeper the cognition. The deeper the cognition the greater the pleasure.

I have a few good pix but the one I really want is of this huge butterfly. I haven’t seen it close enough or stationary yet so I can’t give a proper description. It is black with white marking/s on the tail and probably about 4-5-6 inches wingspan. And it loves the beautiful flower of the Lantana – considered a weed here for good reason. (RIMG1333.JPG) I saw three or four today but none came close enough for me to snap it.

At one time I walked into some shade and three feet away one took to the air and was gone before I could even focus on it. Away went my photo opportunity, fluttering off into the shadows. One way or another this happened all along the walk, and with a few other butterflies too. You don’t want to be attached to getting a picture of one of these ladies. Yes ladies, because they are more beautiful and feminine than the boys.

Here’s one I took of a butterfly in Brisbane some time ago. (RIMG 0425 + 0429 + 0431.JPG)

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