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When I Got Up

This morning, the first thing I noticed was the mats I have on the floors had been disturbed. They had been tossed about during the night. This usually means only one thing, Djinn – the cat has been playing with (torturing is a human pastime) some creature he probably brought into the house in the dark hours.

When I say he’s been playing with some creature I really mean he has been enjoying his fascination with little things that move, mixed with a predators taste for blood. This is not torture. Torture is humans, usually men, deliberately inflicting pain on another creature, usually men, to produce a desired result. There’s a big difference.

Well, I followed the trail of tossed mats and noticed a disturbance around the bin in the kitchen. And then I stood on it. I felt something under my foot but when I moved my foot there was nothing there. Then I noticed there was something stuck to my foot. I scraped my foot on the carpet and there was a frog, dead. (RIMG1220 +1225.JPG)

It looks like the frog tried to get away in the corner beside the bin where there is a little cover. If he had just made it. He didn’t. I got some tissue and picked the frog up and its back half was missing. Djinn must have eaten it. I was annoyed at the cat for killing what it doesn’t need to eat. It’s a sign of a spoilt nature, but then all animals close to man are spoilt in nature, to some degree.

This is Djinn prowling in the back yard, so you can warn all the creatures when cat is around. (RIMG1236.JPG)

Cat isn’t like dog. It doesn’t pick up on right and wrong. It doesn’t have that willingness to please that might engender a change to its behaviour. Cat is cat, loves its pleasure as long as it’s available. And its pleasure is being cat. Dog, if it hasn’t been mistreated, wants to be mans friend.

I heard the lovely call of the pied magpie from out back, warbling you might call it, and brought the frog out with me to have a look. There was a pair of adult magpies teaching a young one how things are done. They were sitting in the tree close by, two cowled observers, while the young one was on the clothes line searching the ground for some food.

I do put some food out for the birds, especially when the weather is stormy as it has been for a few days. So I threw the frog out on the grass and before the young magpie could launch itself an adult butcher bird was on the ground with the frog in its mouth, that’s the difference experience makes. The butcher bird also has a young one in tow but manages its education a little differently to the magpies at this stage of its growth. (RIMG1232.JPG)

So I went and got some soft walnuts and broke them up for the young magpie. (RIMG1230.JPG) And the adults. They enjoyed that, the butcher bird too.

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