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Black Beauty

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Many times I have been down this trail and nearly seen this thing. I may not have mentioned it before because I don’t want to tease too much with the one that got away.

Recently, as I have approached a bend in the trail where it dips to form a shallow creek bed where a tall grass grows, I have been catching sight of the tail of a creature as it disappears into the growth. It’s a black tail and I have been able to catch sight of it as it scrambles for cover. It is not a snake, it’s too fat and short.

I think it mat be a Blue Tongue lizard. But it’s difficult to be sure, it may be too fast for a Blue Tongue.

It must have a den or something around here since I have seen its tail quite a few times now at the exact same spot. And it always runs in the same direction.

Today is the fourth or fifth time I saw its tail only this time I was prepared. I went slow and quiet as I approached the bend in the trail where it hangs out and as soon as I saw the tail I stopped. But I was too late, the tail was already moving.

I stopped dead still and it stopped moving. I waited and watched and it didn’t move again. After a short while I started moving ever so slowly, quietly, deliberately towards him or her. So as to get a better look at this shy and wonderful creature.

As soon as I could I took a photo. With the old camera. And after each short move I took another photo. Just in case it disappeared again before I got the whole of it.

After a couple minutes of this slow and easy progress I had the beauty in full vision. From tail tip to nose it must have been over two feet and as black as midnight. It was a magnificent creature.

Creature, from created thing. And its magnificence is the touch of the creator.



All copyright reserved / Mark Berkery


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