Nature's Place

Red Crowned Angel

Little Jumping Spider


Prowling around the house, seeking out the hunting places of frogs and things, I came upon one more creature of wonder.

Out of the dark of the night she came. To rest on the wall of my house. And grace the place with a certain light.

Not a light of the day or man. A light of the night.

Red capped wonder, dark ringed danger, gold frilled. Pearled – silver mantle. Tuft of silver nose between new moon eyes.

What a beauty. Resting on the brick wall. The wind blowing the longer gold hairs one way across the ladies red cap.

Her cloak wings tiled with scales of silver pearl, shielded from damage by soft white hair.

Antennae swept back along the line of angel’s wing.

Tufted legs spread flat, gripping with invisible fingers.

Powered by the invisible darkness.


Oh! And don’t forget the spider. Little jumping spider’s got eyes on you.

Jumping! Jumping! Jumping! In the minds of men.

Tick, tick, tick. Tack, tack, tack. Little fingers moving.

Better watch out or he’ll get you!

This way and that. Tick tack.


Copyright reserved / Mark Berkery


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