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Winter Sunshine

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When it is cold enough to rug up you know summer is over. A cold wind blows in across the sea and over the fields here at Wooyung and the light, the space, is crisp and clear in the morning sun. Beautiful is the word that comes to mind. Simple.
Some time ago I wrote of a wasp nest that I allowed to be made and develop under a table I don’t use at the back of the house. To see what eventuates.

Well, predictably, what eventuated was more wasps. They became so numerous the young ones that would seek to return to the nest at dusk had begun to swarm at other places around the house. The nest was so successful they couldn’t fit there any more.

This happened just as the weather turned cold recently, especially at nights. And I noticed the neon fly was no more abundant on the leaves of the Passionfruit plant. All the small forms of life had begun to withdraw, from view at least, though there is waves of coming and going with the heat of the sun.

I can tolerate anything nature presents as long as it doesn’t threaten the balance, as I see it. Swarming, or homeless wasps looking to establish themselves, are threatening. And not just to me.

Apart from the physical danger to me should the hive be unintentionally or unknowingly disturbed. It seemed to me the wasps were cleaning the place out of other insects that my green tree frogs need to survive. That is my perception anyway.

My green tree frogs because I take some responsibility for their welfare.

So I had to take action.
The wasp is a magnificent creation, I have the same respect for it I have for the green frog, but the balance had become disturbed. The balance of the nature where I am. My balance.

If you ever see a wasp close up you will notice the appearance of a meanness in the visage. It’s not really meanness since it is an instinctive expression, meaning the wasp doesn’t think about it the way a man might. But it is a positive deterrent to interference. The words ‘What you lookin at?’ aggressively spoken, come to mind.

I have also observed the wasp will not waste its energy on useless action opposing a form in its world that presents no threat, like me. Nature is not stupid or belligerent.

But one has to be very careful, with some creatures more than others, not to do anything that may be perceived as a threat.

I didn’t dare interfere with the nest during the day when the wasp is so active and protective of its territory. And I knew from observation it isn’t equipped to function at night.
After much consideration over a period of time it became imperative the nest be moved, if not destroyed. Here’s what I did.

One night, long after sunset, I dressed up in as much protective clothing as I could still function in. I went to the table with the nest attached and lifted it, gently, so as not to disturb the hive. Then brought it to a tree about fifty metres away from the house and left it there.

The hope, as I see it now, was that the wasps would fly away to the surrounding nature and not stay around to build more hives. But it didn’t work that way.

When the young wasps left the nest the next day to search for food and eventually return at dusk they returned to the house, not the hive. Same problem.
So there was nothing else I could see to do but destroy the hive. But I didn’t want to kill the wasps, just move them on.

I had left the hive protected from the weather, under the table, under the tree. Now I had to change that.

One night, about a week ago, I snook up on the hive in the dead of night. I put my foot up to the edge of the table, keeping my body and exposed face furthest from the hive, and pushed the table upside down exposing the hive to the sky, where the weather comes from.

Then I ran back to the house, not stopping till I was safely inside, just in case.

Since then I have gone to see what’s happening at the hive and the origional makers, the mature adults, were gone within the first two days. After that some young ones returned for a while, possibly to nurture the still emerging young, but definitely to scavenge.

Yesterday I saw the hive was deserted so I broke it off the table leg and turned it to see inside and it was hollow. Except for one last wasp, tiny compared to his now departed siblings.

It always touches me that life will take form against all odds, as long as the form is viable. As long as there is enough focus of intelligence to give the form life.

What I did was alter the balance of focus. Or more correctly, I acted as I saw the need – according to my perception, life changed the balance and it turned out to be good for me.

Thank God, whatever it is, for that.
Copyright Reserved / Mark Berkery

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