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This fellow has been sitting in my files for a while. Just waiting for the opportunity to present himself, or is it she?
I was walking by the Brunswick River one day when I came upon her. The track runs by the river bank and as I got close to the edge to see out across the water I noticed this wonderful Dragon soaking up the morning sun on the rocks below me.

She has the feel of a time long gone, with her horned armour skin, those deadly claws and the earthy camouflage and colouring.

And the face, she is a no nonsense creature, as all natural beings are.

The first sense that entered my consciousness was of the privilege it is to get so close to a wild Water Dragon. Because she allowed it.

Nature doesn’t make mistakes. She would have heard me coming long before I saw her so she didn’t have to be there for me to see.

She could have been gone in the blink of an eye, she is that quick when need arises.

But instead she sat stock still for me to photograph, occasionally moving a little this way or that, but never alarmed by my focussed attention.

Nature can tell when danger approaches, it’s in the psyche and can’t be hidden, except by the truly adept. And the truly adept have no malice.

All the natural creatures are connected in the psyche, to one degree or another.

She saw me coming, inside. And she saw no harm in me.
Copyright Reserved / Mark Berkery

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