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Green Lady Lacewing

Green Lady LacewingLady Lacewing on a LeafShot from below as it passed by?From the side.Lady Lacewing WalkingIt\'s in the eye.
An unremarkable creature to the naked eye. But once you get up close it is apparent this is a creature of God – whatever that is. Created by an unfathomable intelligence.

God the holy, the unspeakable, the one that has nothing to do with the many of what men think or believe. The being behind and in it all.

No problem. A good old Aussie attitude.

God’s an Aussie.
It has been cold on and off, depending on the clarity of the sky at night. If it’s clear it’s cold, cloudy is warmer. Just like inside. And it has been raining a lot too.

The lacewing came visiting a few nights ago. Attracted to the heat and light of a bulb I leave on to keep the insects out of the house. Some get in anyway. There are few enough now.

This Lady was meandering around the table across all sorts of colour and terrain so I got some dead leaves from the ground outside for it to be at home on.

Maybe, I don’t really know if it was at home but it was easier to shoot it on the leaves, easier to see it against the lighter background.

It didn’t move too fast so I was able to get a few good shots before its time was up. Time to be put back outside.
Isn’t it a beautiful creature, and those eyes? They are almost metallic reflective, you can see where it is close to the leaf’s surface it reflects the whiteness of the leaf.

I don’t know why the eye reflects those colours where it is in focus and out front.

But there is truth to the saying the eye is the window to the soul, the true nature.

This little beauty has magic inside. Golden magic.
There is nothing in between.
Copyright Reserved / Mark Berkery

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