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Forest Dwellers

It has been dry for a while and the track into the forest was dusty. A very fine sandy coloured dust that rose in a cloud in the wake of the car.

I haven’t been to Mooball NP for a while and it was pleasant to be there. Sun streaming through tall gum trees, broad leaves of fern and palm and others fluttering in the mountain breeze, birds calling in the dark of the woods.

Not many insects, it has been cold for a while. But some plants are putting out flowers anyway. Nature knows best.

It was nice walking along the trails. Just me, the forest and its inhabitants. Not another person in sight or earshot. Quiet of mind. Silence? Sense.

Some things had changed, there were rocks on the track as if they had been falling from the steep hillsides and the slasher had been through recently clearing the firebreak trails.

There was some sign of the dry cold in the desiccated toad I found but the forest is well, you can see it. A clarity in the psyche.

I took it easy going up the steep trails. Taking time to look at the growth alongside. It takes time for the particular in nature to properly register so it’s important to be at ease and not in a hurry, giving attention. It is good to be at ease.

Some of the flowers are so small and blend with their background, or so it seems. Their gift is only for the relaxed of eye, the quiet of mind. Too quick and you miss them for they are not many or loud.
Copyright Reserved / Mark Berkery

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