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Raise the Sun

Outside the Billinudgel pie shop I saw a flower nine inches across. As usual I can’t recall the name but it was a real beauty and obviously cared for – acknowledged – loved.

Beautiful shades of golden yellow and orange silk petals spread to the afternoon sun soaking up its light as the knowledge, from behind, of ‘flower’ – this flower. Radiating its colour, form and texture. Taking from the ground the matter necessary to hold the form, however fleeting, to converge at the centre to transmit its message up the totem into the world of passing insect sense. Love me! It cries.

To people too, deep inside.

This Flower

This Flower

And This One

And This One

Copyright Reserved / Mark Berkery

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  1. Mark said, on 11/10/2008 at 3:14 am

    Acknowledged in the right way Nature, the sense of it, reaches deep in to the psyche to the reality of it that resonates in the consciousness as beauty, magnificence, wonder or pure (without thought or emotion) intelligence. A willing, straight through the self-ish of suffering and negativity that evaporates, eventually, in the process.

    Ego, as I understand it, is the amazing instinctive intelligence of the body that looks out for the body 24/7.

    The only thing that gets in the way of loving or intelligence-right willing is selfish suffering Man. Is it not so?

  2. Shane said, on 07/10/2008 at 10:27 am

    isnt the human spirit somewhat the same…. its our ego that destroys this beautiful natural transaction of giving and loving.

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