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Aussie Wasp

I have come across these fellows at every location I’ve been in Australia so far. They are communal creatures and often make their long conical fibrous paper hive, made up of a number of chambers stacked and angled towards the ground, amongst the dead branches of standing bushes. This nest is against an old wooden fence, protected from above by a climbing jasmine and consists of maybe 25 individuals. It is interesting to watch them at work, coming and going, and at rest. I have noticed one leaving the nest flying backwards just to return to another spot, in a short loop, and carrying out what looked like an inspection. Some are obviously dominant.

I’m not sure they play, these bees. In fact they look more like wasps to me, no sense of humour at all.

That’s how you can tell a wasp, no sense of humour. I was stung by these ones a few years ago, probably not these exact same ones – relatives, and it was so mild it hardly registered, others would disagree no doubt. Not every body senses the same thing in exactly the same way, especially when it’s as close and personal as chemical attack. Big sensation, different sensitivities. And sensitivities can be tuned in and out.

I blundered into the nest and they let me know not to do it again. Nature is unforgiving of the careless. And so it is said only the fittest survive. It is true amongst the creatures and plants but obviously not amongst humans. Fitness can no longer be measured by any known yardstick. Can you measure will? Or Grace. Can it be judged by appearance how spiritual one is? I don’t think so, unless I have been that way.

We march to the same tune as the animals but with the added harmony of self reflection – thinking, until it becomes something else. It sets us apart from the creation and eventually, if I am lucky, I come to know the insanity of a separate identity and give it up – to something else. If I am lucky.

For my definition of lucky see here: Karma

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