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I have observed everything has its season and that includes things as they appear to me or in my perception. Things can be without them necessarily appearing ‘to me’. The dragons are still about in large numbers but they aren’t sitting for me much anymore. It is still the season for Dragons but not Dragons for me. Dragonflies are said to be symbolic of fundamental change, with style, obviously. And everything else is also symbolic. Of what is the question, it always is.

It is now the time of the grasshopper, they are everywhere I turn these days and I am waking up to their presence. So let’s have a look at what the grasshopper presents. They don’t have the same drama about them as the dragonfly but they do have their own character, though somewhat withdrawn from view.

Grasshoppers are grazers, laid back little fellows, and so don’t present a threat to anything but the leaves of plants. They tend to blend with their surroundings in various shades of green or brown, with the occasional showman or woman, unlike the dragons who are all colour and show.

They can disappear with a kick of a leg, I’ve seen them with only one, and they can be poked and prodded without giving more than a sideways shuffle to show they noticed. They are their own beauty, unassuming in appearance, soft and strong when necessary but never aggressive.

Have you ever seen a grasshopper negotiate for grazing rights?

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