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The weather has been mild and lovely here in Brisbane’s autumn. And though there hasn’t been much in the way of photo opportunities it is pleasant to be in the nature, just the sense of it. The soft warmth of the sunshine and the cool breezes make it a time of great ease, from the heat of summer.

I still walk my favourite tracks and meet some magical creatures that are often too shy to be seen in more than a glance, or I’ve slowed down too. The wallabies are sweet creatures that will stay still until I am almost upon them and off they go. Bounding along in a leisurely way, not alarmed at all. It’s a shame they are dying off at an unsustainable rate in this area, too many cars. But that’s living, can’t buck it.

Ants are as prolific as ever but they don’t stop for a shot, mostly. There are the last of the grasshoppers, the aborigine’s symbol of success. And  there are different creatures for the season. It’s a matter of making the most of what presents itself now, no more big choice of photo subjects until the next season, or place.

What a lovely place the Earth is, the sense of it without letting the mind in, as much as possible when there is always something to be done. And it ends, doesn’t it. And it is said there is a world of light and beauty beyond this one where nothing dies and there is no problem of mind, where all problems are or start.

Was it a dream where I saw this place? But you can’t believe anyone, you’ve got to die for yourself and find out alone. So it seems to me.


The creature pictured was found on my bedroom floor, nearly dead. But I wasn’t deterred from posing him (or her) and then I placed it in a safe place to die, which it did. Now it rests in being where all things go, its shell is in the old fish tank with the shell of an elephant beetle. It makes no difference to either of them, only to me who likes to see their magnificent forms now and again.

I am blessed with a simple life. Some would think otherwise. Isn’t it always so.

© Mark Berkery ……. Click any picture and click again to enlarge

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