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All things, it is said. And if this god is the simple power in and behind all things, and all things – what else could it be, then it is so, without doubt. The only question is how can I know god’s mind? And the answer has to be simple, leave the man or mind made out of my inner vision as much as possible.

That’s the rub, what’s possible can only be known where there is the willingness to give up all consideration, of anything. Only then can it be seen what remains. And what remains must be god made, surely. But what a task, to leave all consideration behind.

God is a wasp. The queen is guarding her nest against me intruding. Whenever I showed up she was out front and telling me ‘Don’t come any closer, I am dangerous” and, of course, I listened, up to a point. To get closer to her I had to visit her often to let her know, behind her fierce instinct, I am no harm to her. After a while, though she never gave up her expressive behaviour, she relented somewhat and I got as close as four inches for the purpose of capturing her image, only somewhat. The ferocity of instinct etched in her face and stance would never be abandoned since it is essential to her character, locked to the form of god being wasp.

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  1. morningjoy said, on 24/05/2009 at 4:20 am

    God as a wasp? I have a hard time seeing that as part of his nature. I am grateful that you didn’t get stung. I’m not so sure I would have ventured so close as to capture this formidable creature. God, on the other hand is much easier to approach. He even invites us to seek and know him.

    Your image, as always is remarkable. You inspire me to explore the world of the small. Such treasures we miss by not investigating their domain.

    • Mark Berkery said, on 24/05/2009 at 11:44 pm

      Thanks Karen. Yes, god as wasp. Why not? If god is not in all things what is? I can’t see anything else but the man made, and it’s definitely not that.

  2. Lauri said, on 20/05/2009 at 6:20 am


    Thanks for that! That’s all there is; God and change, or being and change and that’s good and that’s enough!


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