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This fellow is in a state of being; no problem with what or where he is, no rumination or regurgitation of his past experience interpreted nor fear of some possible future – the past reformed – thought and emotion. There is a simplicity to this creature that reminds me of my own simplicity at an uncommon level of being. The simplicity of being without movement of mind as past, being now. Now, the mystical moment available to anyone who is willing now.

Surrender-ed. The state of having let go enough that the past no longer grips the will by the usual momentum, without ones volition. It, being, is arrived at by unrelenting endeavour. The endeavour to realise no-thing by focusing on no-thing. But it begins with right meditation; focus on some-thing that doesn’t change, you can’t go straight to being-no-thing.

No matter what arises it is not the truth, you’ve got to know this. It’s an act of will to realise it. And it is enabled by the conservation of energy and its proper allocation.


For example when you ruminate on the reasoning behind anger you make more anger, if you don’t know this yet try it out. So too if you attend to the simple good it appears to grow, though really it’s the other that diminishes.

Don’t give your energy to what causes emotional or mental pain and give it to what you enjoy. When you know one and the other and can tell the difference.

This is the formula for freedom, the freedom from what repeats and is unwanted.

Then, like now, the beautiful new is. Being.

Focus. And what you focus on.

It’s really that simple.

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  1. come closer said, on 20/07/2009 at 2:03 am

    Great photos :-)

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