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A Few Creatures …

… lest I forget. These are some of the wonderful variety of the forms of life to be found at the places I go in the Redlands. The first is a young Nomad Bee, I believe,  foraging.

Some kind of stick insect.

A queen Ant looking to start a colony perhaps? Only one wing left so her options are determined.

A stilt fly on the orange peel out in the back yard.

Clown Spider? From Eprapah, under a leaf next to the red beetles.

Definitely a bug.

Lynx Spider, in repose.

An unusual fly.© Mark Berkery ……. Click any picture and click again to enlarge

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Rainforest Flower Weevil

I doubt that’s its actual name, though it is a weevil. It was more turquoise to my eye on the day than it appears here. Maybe the flash had an effect, or the sun.

© Mark Berkery ……. Click any picture and click again to enlarge

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A simple Prayer

This little black bee is a first for me. It was 5.00 am and I was in the garden with the camera pointed at some flowers and along came this little beauty with a yellow patch. Then another one came and went. Only at the earliest morning.

I am reading this.

I am the intelligence in the body reading this.

I cannot name this intelligence any more than that. And I don’t need to.

I am nothing to know and I don’t need to know it.

I don’t need to work this out.

I have no problem now because I am not making one now.

I am grateful for that. Now.



And any time I see I am anything else I can see I am the pure sensation in this body and that brings me back to now.



© Mark Berkery ……. Click any picture and click again to enlarge

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Not Dead Yet :)

But first, one of those astounding creatures I see almost every day for your viewing, sensible, pleasure, and to remind you there is more to what you can see. Even if that more is in reality less. Am I making sense?  It matters.

I tracked this fellow for some time and caught some real nice shots so decided to post an unusual number of them.

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The more you see is the detail that has an existence rendered sensible through the camera device for a snapshot of the otherwise invisible world of vital life, in the psyche, at a place where all has a coherent – to the senses – order. The less is where the detail ends, at the ‘beginning’ you can see now, inside. On the ‘other’ side of anything.

Where sensible order ends and God, dare I say it, begins. Though, in fact, god is in all things, no exception!!


Amazing isn’t it? The resilience of the human body, or any body – see the frog leap 30 times its length – the fly travel at 100kph hitting or avoiding the debris along the way, just bloody amazing. Especially if you didn’t expect to live that long anyway.

But that’s life. The only undeniable prediction is it will not be denied, will always take some form. As long as there is existence, and I can’t see that ending any time soon. Except maybe in the particular, which is really all there is but let’s not complicate the matter. The particular is the whole, where I am, inside.

So the body just keeps bouncing back, from all the pressures of living, and the accumulated past. The physical pressures are not a problem, just a fact the way light or dark is a fact. It’s silly to have a problem with that.

No, the problem is the past that keeps bouncing back. The past as thought and emotion. But there’s a way to deal with that.


Do you remember as a kid the way you learnt to bounce the small rubber ball off the ground? At first it was a bit clumsy, bounce and miss, bounce and hit again but off centre and away the ball goes and you have to chase it to bring it under your control again.

But, eventually, you learnt to bounce that ball with ease, even grace. Bounce, bounce, bounce off the floor, off the wall. Wall, floor, wall, floor – bounce, bounce – control. By the practise, as long as there is the capacity. And the exercise is never given to those without the capacity so that’s not an issue, is it?

So you see, it’s just a matter of practise. Right practise!

Practise of the right exercise/s.


Is there ever an end to the need for practise? If you come to it there is. If you don’t there isn’t. For you, since only your experience is important, to you. Anything else is someone else’s experience, maybe not even that.

Imagination, the curse to be mastered. Then it might, might, be called a blessing, among others.  :)

© Mark Berkery ……. Click any picture and click again to enlarge

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Summer Time …

P1480953… and the livin’s easy. Well, livin’s never that but there are many different small creatures about for me to investigate with the camera. And that’s a pleasure, if not easy.

I went down the old Mt Cotton scout camp today for a wander around a few known trails. By the pleasantly aged buildings there is a garden planted by the young boys, I don’t know when. There are many flowers there at the moment and they attract the tiny native bees.

And where one insect goes there are usually more who follow, or just make their own way there. One doesn’t necessarily follow the other, or does it? Anyway, it wasn’t long before I had to give up on the little black bees, they just move too fast. Zip, zip, zip, in and out. I must have got two keepers out of about one hundred shots, not good.

Then I noticed a little black cricket, I think it is. Ninja cricket, I call it, with a short yellow saddle on its back. It was very interested in the small black bees and was slowly making its way towards one on a flower but they were just too fast for it, and not nearly numerous enough to be caught.P1480762P1480776I was looking around for what else may be in the vicinity and there was one of the little brown frogs from early spring, only now it was turning green though not much bigger. It was also in position to catch some black bees, up on the leaf about the flower, but after a few shots it jumped away down the plant.P1480744P1480740P1480736And there was a golden ant taking some of the honey I left out for the bees, which they never touched. Enjoying a long sup of a most wonderful food not often experienced in the world of ant. Food of the gods ant, making the most of it.P1480854A few other creatures came and went. Like the green eyed fly. She landed on my booted foot and slowly made her way up my ankle where I got a few shots. Then she was off to the garden where I got a few more. She had a lazy way about her and at one time she was determined to examine my camera.

She rose up from the greenery and came slowly towards me. At first I thought she was after landing on me and I moved away but she went straight to the camera and walked around it tasting, as flies do. After a while I shooed her away and she landed in the garden again and we both went about our business. She grooming herself and me taking her picture.

As I left the garden for the wilder trails I met a small grey kangaroo, no picture. We have met before and I called out to her and she was hesitant, not knowing whether to run or not. In the end she opted to keep a safe distance of about ten yards but she is getting used to me now. I must remember to bring her some good food next time.P1480792P1480798P1480802_filteredDown towards the water I went to see the wasps at a nest I know of, native wasps. They are small dark hued creatures and like all wasps are alert to any intrusion. I am always careful when in the bush but particularly around wasps as they are very active in defense of their nest. It’s a good idea to give them no cause to interpret any action as aggressive, as they will attack. David and Goliath style.

But their sting is not at all bad, not like the European wasp or paper wasp. It’s like a small electric current that rapidly diminishes, but uncomfortable all the same.P1480692Another fly landed at my feet on the boardwalk around the dam, just two shots of this one. Magnificent creature, colours and form. It is extraordinary the beauty of these creatures up close, that is so easily overlooked by the unaided eye.P1480847A dragonfly also presented himself, lovely young yellow thing. Sat on his perch for me to get a few good shots and away he went. Nothing stays the same for long in the bush. Everything is always moving, staying alive if it can. P1480711_filteredDying if it can’t. Without complaint.

My beautiful nature.

© Mark Berkery ……. Click any picture and click again to enlarge

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Hot Spot

P1470363P1470343P1460861P1460749P1470405P1460446P1460839P1460776The Hibiscus tree sustains many forms of life, it’s amazing how many. And their life cycles fit each other, as the tree is coming round to a new generation of flower buds the little Harlequins are ready for them, juicy morsels. Just as the assassin bugs came along when the little Harlequins were about to appear. And the small reddish brown bugs live on through it all. Everything fits in.

When I went looking at the plants around the hibiscus I found it was just the same, abundant in different forms of life, at different stages of development. There are hot spots in the forest for insect life and this tree and its surrounds is one. You can go to other trees and plants and not see a living thing, until you get up close.

And then if you go there regularly you will find the kinds of creatures come and go with no apparent reason but you can sense the perfect rhythm of it all. But none is more populated than this one Hibiscus tree.

© Mark Berkery ……. Click any picture and click again to enlarge

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