Nature's Place

An Unusual Death

This fly is on a new metal flagpole at the local scout camp, the diagonal line is vertical. I didn’t notice until I got home the fly is dead. Its mouth part is ‘flat’ against the metal, not just hanging, and it looks to have absorbed something that caused the crystal growth from the joints on the abdomen, maybe.

It was a very windy day but the fly was stuck and the crystals seemed to fall to the pole. A case for Poirot perhaps, or even Sherlock Holmes.

Life is full of wonder, even in death. Or especially in …

Then another fly came along and played around the dead fly, here and there. Turning and twirling a dance so fast and fine. A little beauty, to be sure, where there is no pre-judice.

A little death hurt no one.

An unusual life. To be sure …

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