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Sparkling Sunshine Night

This little jewel was meandering about in the afternoon and when it came into direct sunlight it took on a magical appearance. It was an ordinary flat blue to the unaided eye but as it passed from the shadow to the light it was brought to life as the stars in the black tropical night.

A wonderful reminder of the connectedness of all things, an ‘insignificant’ little bug and the vast starry night that is the longing of many to reach and the symbol of the spiritual reality behind this one.

No coincidence there, just connections. The ones that keep us going.

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Wasp – ed

Still a little life left in this old cam, maybe even a second life – who knows. (:

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Toad Awakening

Primeval nature, looking at me. Waking up from hibernation, with a little disturbance from myself, then went back to sleep. Waking up is hard to do, for some, at different times – no wisdom there.

And even the much maligned Aussie Cane Toad can smile.

© Mark Berkery

Li’l Bee

This fellow is about 4mm long and in the first few pix is collecting resin from a hole in a pine tree. I suspect it is for building material for the nest. There were more than one at the hole but as is often the case only one was at the right angle in the right place for long enough for a shot or two.

These are Australia’s native honey bee, known as sugarbag, and their honey is a luxury given their numbers and size – they don’t make it like the European honey bee that is twenty times its size and more active.

They don’t have a sting either so they are harmless by comparison, and they are too small for me to track back to the hive. That’s their advantage, too small to be threatened.


Science often tells us how nature is robotic, that the creatures and plant life are no more than the sum of their parts plus function on auto. And it’s true, except for the ‘no more’ bit.

The ‘more’ they are is the same ‘more’ you and I are. It’s the inscrutable intelligence behind the structure of everything.

The unknown, the mystery before knowing is, before you and me.

The mystery, the no-thing, the pre-existent wordlessness before it all begins, and ends. As it is now.

The wonder, the beauty, the colour and light.

The deep, the black, the abyss – inside.


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Damaged Butterfly

She seems to be having trouble with her proboscis, it has some form of growth on it and she was agitated, preoccupied and disinclined to fly far. So it was easy for me to get up close. She struggled with her condition for a while but never really lost her essential integrity, never sank below being what she is. Lucky butterfly.

Lucky because she didn’t have to know the emotion and attendant thinking ‘human’ nature would normally generate in a similar situation. A curse you could say. Or you could say a challenge, to climb, you could. But never mind, all is as it is without mind to darken it.

Beautiful, damaged, butterfly.

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Little Blue Bee

I first sighted this one on the flagpole at the edge of the field and coaxed it onto a leaf for placing for a few shots, it’s about 5mm long. It was a cold day and the bee was slow moving. As it looked in need I gave it some honey and it took a little but it seems to have something wrong with its eating gear, it was always out, didn’t retract.

It sat still on the leaf for a while then seemed to get restless, in search of something. Eventually I gave it a warm finger to climb on and it was in heaven. It sped up, wandering all over my hand, and eventually took to snuggling into the warmer sheltered crevices of my curled hand, nose first.

Then, all of a sudden, it climbed to the highest point on my hand, stopped and preened its antennae and fanned its wings a few times, then took to the air on the next leg of its epic journey across the small field of grass.

Who knows what happened next, maybe it got home.


Well, that’s living isn’t it? From lethargy on a wasteland of cold hard metal on a winter’s day to well fed, warm and groomed. Not dead yet.

Who would have thought a giant would come along and provide for the little one while it recovered enough to be on its way.

What little bee could dream such a thing?

You never know what’s coming.

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