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Little Blue Bee

I first sighted this one on the flagpole at the edge of the field and coaxed it onto a leaf for placing for a few shots, it’s about 5mm long. It was a cold day and the bee was slow moving. As it looked in need I gave it some honey and it took a little but it seems to have something wrong with its eating gear, it was always out, didn’t retract.

It sat still on the leaf for a while then seemed to get restless, in search of something. Eventually I gave it a warm finger to climb on and it was in heaven. It sped up, wandering all over my hand, and eventually took to snuggling into the warmer sheltered crevices of my curled hand, nose first.

Then, all of a sudden, it climbed to the highest point on my hand, stopped and preened its antennae and fanned its wings a few times, then took to the air on the next leg of its epic journey across the small field of grass.

Who knows what happened next, maybe it got home.


Well, that’s living isn’t it? From lethargy on a wasteland of cold hard metal on a winter’s day to well fed, warm and groomed. Not dead yet.

Who would have thought a giant would come along and provide for the little one while it recovered enough to be on its way.

What little bee could dream such a thing?

You never know what’s coming.

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