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Blue and Red, Black and White …

… Male and Female. The opposite poles of existence. The primary duality that predicates the multiplicity that spawns complication by a process of identification driven by the fundamental insecurity of emotional being – the first addiction or false identity that comes to be known as pain, impelling the search for truth or resolution – what doesn’t change or divide – One. The circle of being, unending.

Sense, no more wanting, door to the beginning and end, unifies the separateness of things in existence, completely resolving the psychological by right focus and necessary action. Behind it nothing doesn’t change, ever. Sweet peace of mind.

But don’t believe me, have a look and see for yourself …

… inside.


I am told the blue is male and red female and I accept that for now, but it doesn’t really matter – to me, I am not a Harlequin Bug – depends on who ‘I’ am though, doesn’t it, since the ‘I’ of Intelligence is in all things.

What matters is the beauty, a quality of the deep psyche the bug is reflective of. Yes, even a bug is born of beauty sublime, why not? It also matters the form is as it is, wonderfully balanced and coloured while designed for survival in their world – not by anything known. Beauty rendered in sense as form and colour with function. Perfection.

They love the juice of the wild Hibiscus tree and breed and live their lives out on and around one in particular, that I know. I did a post on them – Hibiscus Harlequin bug – last year so I know a little about them. It’s good to see they are back again.

I saw just one female laying eggs on the tree a while back, about five weeks or so, and it is now populated by adults. So are there populations on surrounding trees, between them enough to generate the new season’s beauties. And on , and on, and ….

Wild and wonderful Hibiscus Harlequin Bug.

Mark Berkery ……. Click any picture and click again to enlarge