Nature's Place

Blades of Colour

… flitting about so fast and sudden they are barely visible. During the day, at this time of year, they are the fairies of the garden, only catching them at the corner of my eye. Before I can focus on one it is away in pursuit of whatever it chases around the green carpet of grass, lush after the summer rains.

Orange and steel blue darting about, I could almost wonder where and what and how. But the mystery remains, so obvious, ‘tis my own immemorial self. Have you ever looked inside and seen the primordial you? And know instinctively what it is and does.

The intelligent form in the darkness through which you rose from the knowledge of stone and wind and fire, made supple by the waters of the earth, the movement of the tides. As the forms and functions of nature. To see my self in a wasp, or colour, or …

Up through the jagged landscape of a time where nature crosses to human, inside. The endless cacophony of perpetual change. The maelstrom of being and becoming. See the red and grey grit of the ancient twilit self.

Have you seen the waterless deep of being beyond that? The dark light of a quiet star? Beyond heat and cold, up and down, inside and out.

Where there is nothing, left, to speak of.


A flash of colour in the darkness is all it is sometimes, that moment of elevation, an opening of the veil. A little more clarity.

Mark Berkery ……. Click any picture and click again to enlarge

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  1. sophiaharcourt said, on 14/03/2011 at 12:09 am

    I came across this story this morning and found it fascinating. Seeing as how you have a mild interest with insects I thought you might be intrigued.

    • Mark said, on 14/03/2011 at 2:21 am

      Thanks Sophia. ((:

      I have seen unusual stuff in nature. The same sort of thing occurs in flies and other creatures, though without the stem and fruit on top, see here :

      Later found out it is a fungus caused the death and drives the fly to a height that the fungus requires to propagate.

  2. Lisa-Jane said, on 10/03/2011 at 12:12 pm

    Wonderful Images


  3. fahim said, on 10/03/2011 at 10:48 am

    Hi Mark,
    I get stunned everytime i get to see your pictures. Just wondering what kind of flash do you use?
    Each picture is a stunnner.. big time..


  4. Jim Cornell said, on 10/03/2011 at 2:59 am


    Thank you again for making me watch more closely and see through your eyes too!
    Jim Cornell

    • Mark said, on 10/03/2011 at 3:47 pm

      Hello Jim. Thanks for your comment, appreciated.

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