Nature's Place

Lady in Moonlight

She appeared as a darker spot on the tall slender grass. In the shadows of the trees with the moon rising behind, standing still as possible holding the stem, I set the camera and lined up the lens for a shot. She was instinctively aware in the moment something was going on, from the vibrations of the movement of my fingers two inches away from her, but didn’t ‘know’ the way we do – with a pause for reflection – and so didn’t speculate on what may be.

A Lynx Spider in repose as the night falls on the field at the edge of the dark forest. A hunter, big eyed, long limbed and fast to the prey. No prey this time though, just me, an unusual sensation felt through the woody grass and along her trip threads. So she didn’t bite me, just fretted a little before settling down.

I do my best to catch her best angle and in the best light but the marvelous nature is master of the detail. I just aim at it, the composition of elements a picture is. Nature does the big bit.


The way to see anything is to withdraw back into the eyes and register the standout in the scene, the anomaly, and not ‘search’ for anything in particular. Being relaxed helps, and focused …

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