Nature's Place

After the Flood

It just ended today, that’s monsoon season in Brisbane I suppose, heavy rain coming and going.

People get upset at things the way they are but there really is no need. When it rains it rains, when it shines it shines. And it will do that when we’re all gone, I assume, if there’s someone here to know. Things will change when they change, not before. So relax, because it may never be as you want, or fear. Now isn’t that nice, a way to go? :)

Nice and relaxed? Feet up or down and doing something you enjoy, even if it’s only feeling the sensation of being alive. That’s what it’s all about, after you exorcise the superhero, the one who would be special, with something special to do. There is nothing special but what you do, so everybody is special, or not.

Isn’t it nice just to be relaxed, no tension or pretense of being anything other than what you so obviously are, a body of sense. And if there is anything else to do it must present here not there, because I am not there, whoever ‘I’ am. It is here or it’s not, because I don’t know where there is. And I am finished with the other, superhero to the world.

I will never be what someone else was, what a fiction. True, fictions have been known to live, by conjuring with intent. But intent to what, the further undoing of the superhero in another form? What else but to aid the intelligence entombed in such offence.

For that the image has to be left out of it, or is it in, and that’s an exercise to start with, but you only feel mad for a few days, or is it weeks. It’s just like taking off those favourite boots that you’ve been wearing for the last year or so, it feels a little odd at first. Or putting on some new. :)

What do you think, I am mad? And do you think it matters what you think? Life is lived either way, then everything gets left behind. And yes, a sense of humour can hide your pain or keep you going. But you don’t give it up twice, or thrice.

Can you change what you are when what you are never changes, or always changes back to itself? Will the silent judgment of another make a difference? If an island were thought to be a mountain would it be that?

Or are you content to be an ordinary man or woman, maybe with something extraordinary to do for a while, maybe not. Grow old, get ill and die.

Shit happens.


Or to throw off the cloak of mortality? Reach for the stars and the crown, touch the beauty and light. See the end to his suffering, touch the wings of his love in her flight?

As I once did, and never gave up on. Cloaks get heavy in the rain, reach shortens with age and with pain. Beauty and light always remain. But suffering the wings of his love in her flight?

Why not? Except, has someone turned it into a game?


I called out once, or twice, or thrice. And saw no reply on the wall. Was it eyes a failing in the dim of twilight, or assumption blinding the truth and beauty of little mice.

No echo in the hall, at all. But if you would join me we may still have a ball.  :)

And you would only have to tolerate my sense of humour, my …

… intolerance of the intolerable, and my judgment due thereof.

The hero is late, that’s fate. And who is that at the gate?

Late is only late, not fate, but judged no less in kind.

And now, indifferent to the source, I no longer mind.

I can still walk a while, or is it just a mile?

A little wait, dear mate. A smile?

Oh dear, dear dear, what fate.

I must go on a while.


The garden is a quiet place, so fair. And when I can’t walk for long I do linger there.

It has many things it needs of me, or so it seems to me from here.

A little time alone, by the seat in the corner, with wasps that know no fear.

Around the corner a vision comes, to show a light from over there.

Will never know if it doesn’t show, the voice I may never hear.

A shining in the afternoon, a welcome, no need to swoon.

Or maybe now, just tell me how, how to find thy boon.

And, please, not just with the same old spoon.

How else can I say it but to the phasing moon.

A little time so soon, my love.


So soon, before the cat gets the Dove.  :)

In the early hours he prowls the ways around the house.

Looking, treading so carefully, not just quiet as a mouse.

But just in case, he once was bitten, as by a giant snake, or was it a grouse?

Djinn, the feline of the house.

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