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Thank You for the Arm!

This Doli fly was out on a leaf one recent cold morning. Usually they sense the pre-flash of TTL exposure and are gone before the shutter speed of 1/160 sec (fastest with flash) can capture it, that’s fast reflexes.

But this little lady was too focused on simply being, in the cold of a spring dawn one thousand kilometres below the tropic of Capricorn after a night long clear sky.

It is my privilege to bring you the Lady Doli, from all available angles at the time.

If ever you have dreams that elucidate something you have known about yourself that was or is the basis for an attitude towards someone – or in general, from your past experience – but hadn’t yet been fully acknowledged and resolved, that – ‘Thank You for the Arm’ – is a recipe for the resolution of any residual potential for recurrence – as the past we hold on to is the present that disturbs or enriches ‘us’.

Thank You for the Arm. An acknowledgement of the good that everyone does for you, me, in spite of appearances, with a little absurdity tacked on for that extra push across the momentum of negative time to repeat, a sense of humour.

Never forget your sense of humour, or of the absurd. And for all the little things, and the not so little?

Thank You for the Arm.

Be Grateful and … Thank You for the Arm! Cuts through the negativity of mind like a hot knife through butter, when you have fully seen the fact.

Thank You for the Arm.

The garden is filling up with nature’s forms of plant and creatures. It just needs daily attention to watch for where it needs a hand, or an arm. And a watering, a foot on a spade, a moving here or there …

Thank You for the Arm. And don’t hold on to the dream, it will die a natural death if you leave it be.

That’s what seeing the fact of the past does; it allows the new to be.

Whatever the situation – Thank You for the Arm.

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