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New Year?

Not for this little fellow. Probably because he was shot on Xmas day, and it was raining. It is still 2012,yes??? Had to check.

P1060875 - Mark Berkery

What’s this obsession with the marking of time, easter, birthdays, holidays, xmas and now new year? Or is it just a distraction from time, psychological time.

P1060901 - Mark Berkery

Is it just a political and economic opportunity? Or has that just usurped the natural people’s celebration of the passing of the seasons. Because make no mistake, the pollies and business-men only have their own best interests at heart – with the occasional exception, there’s always an exception to make the rule.

Anyway, given the obscenity and sentimentality of modern celebrations I give them a miss. I would rather be writing this, or shooting pix in the field or garden, but certainly not getting inebriated with so-called friends who are gone tomorrow when the headaches set in.

P1060921 - Mark Berkery

Inebriated on my own, now that may be, and everything else out of mind? Feet up and watching a no ads TV program or movie of a night. :)

And now and again going and having a look at what the new night may have brought, moths, spiders, and all …

P1060927 - Mark Berkery

Anyway, I trust you still enjoy the pix, and sometimes the words that go with them.

P1070012 - Mark Berkery

All the best …

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