Nature's Place

Painted Stranger

P1080441 - Mark Berkery

Once more unto the breach, dear friends – however small that hole may be. And never relent in the making of light, no matter what the impediment.

P1080424 - Mark Berkery

That’s what this endeavour of mine is at times; a reminder to acknowledge the simple good of sense through the wall of mind or physical pain that depends only on what I attend to – largely.

P1080458 - Mark Berkery

And so there was this visitor in the garden that I had only before seen in passing flight, its size and flash of colour the only track of its existence. A mystery until it presented in masked form, a mystery still.

P1080421 - Mark Berkery

The Passion-fruit Vine attracts many a visitor these days, being of fruiting maturity, flowers of delightful aroma. An oasis to many a little one, the fairies and elves of our nature, that come and go as they please.

P1080474 - Mark Berkery

Occasionally inspected by the Vine’s guardians, the little army of black ants that know no fear or favour – just the command of form and function.

P1080449 - Mark Berkery

There is no disposition in nature to give up, until the end, of form and function – missing a piece of a leg a beginning, a common condition – mobility being essential in an ever moving world.

P1080467 - Mark Berkery

Anything not mobile is ant food.

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