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The Three Hombres …

The Three Hombres … A post here wouldn’t be complete without pictures.

Some of the latest visitors to the garden, a trio of beetles on the pink Crucifix Orchid. They aren’t found anywhere else in the garden, that I can reach.

It just shows, there is a place and time for everything. In the garden, or the field, there are tides of things, living and dead, the coming and the going of the forms of life.

Within the tides there are eddies and currents, splashes and sprays. It’s a wonderful thing, not knowing what’s coming on the next wave.

Out of the mystery she flows …

P1080100_filtered Mark Berkery

P1080080_filtered Mark Berkery

P1080073_filtered Mark Berkery

P1080186_filtered Mark Berkery

P1080154_filtered Mark Berkery

P1080109_filtered Mark Berkery

P1080222_filtered Mark Berkery

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P1080252_filtered Mark Berkery

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