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Bee Magic …

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Rising for flight, not ready yet to sleep.

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Noble creature, in the absence of ignobility, what else.

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Jostling for position, an existential need as night rolls in.

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Hazardous foraging, resin? stuck on its mouth.

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Lined up for sleep, on their current favourite dying flower stem.

Around the old field of bees, now under a foot of wood chips, and new plantings. Remnants of the ancient orders survive, the ancient Orders of Bee.

Out of the wilding darkness they came, in swarms, in oh so ancient of days. To do the bidding of the Lord of the Earth, to set all of the flowers free.

Set to their task untiring, up with the rising of sun, to and fro through the day they would wander,’til rest at last in the cradling peace of Thee.

At sleep or death, the little ones have a silent cry, of joy. To rest at last in the peace of Thee.

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Life On Dead Tree …

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She, laying down a fissure in the bark.

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He, with a piece of leg missing. Could have been in battle – they do.

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Looking out for his mate while she lays.

It probably died long ago, the tree, but only matured recently to the point it has become a hot spot for various species of insect.

I have seen how long hard wood takes to break down in our relatively dry climate, so expect this was an epic death, of the tree.

And as it broke down, the bark and the wood beneath, through time and exposure and ‘activity’, it attracted more varied species that lived off the work of the ones before.

These beetles, some kind of longhorn, are doing that. Either the larva will eat rotting wood, or eat other creature’s larva, and be eaten. If you wanted to know exactly what you could.

It’s how we once learned about nature, observation over long periods of time, no quick lab fixes then. And what we discovered was invariably practical to survival and well-being, our own nature.

We looked after what served us, and weren’t careless of the context it occurred in, minimising our footprint.

Haven’t we come a long way in our progression from the simple nature …

And it all occurs in space, inside and out.

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Master Your Art

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Wonderful woody Shield Bug, with bonus blue sky.

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Jewel Bug, wag those antennae at me.

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Wandering Weevil on the tree trunk.

8-P1120342_filtered Mark Berkery

Healthy looking fly, a type rarely seen in the garden

9-P1120255_filtered Mark Berkery

Hopper on the dead tree full of life.

4-P1120655_filtered Mark Berkery

Cricket amongst the leaf litter.

3-P1120668_filtered Mark Berkery

She is laying while he appears to be guarding …

Out in the field, on the edge of the forest, myself and Deb – AussieBugs – went exploring. For bugs, what else.

There is always something to be found when you take your time, some places are better than others, everything to its season.

There are no rules but to walk, watch and wait. What presents nobody can design. That’s something you have to rest in, not knowing, and accept what comes.

Everything has its time, learn from whom you can, how you can, and be grateful. But eventually you have to stop looking over your shoulder at what others think is right or good, that’s past, or passed.

In the endeavour to improve, remembering what once was or thinking what others may think, however masterful they may be, eventually casts its own sticky web.

Of course there’s always another angle or composition to be explored, whatever the art.

And it’s all for peace of mind, what else …

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Little Beauty …

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Aliens came and saw that a patch of earth was deserted, of flowers ‘n’ things. So they decided to reshape, replant and renew. Which they did, and turned the desert to green.

The fields were greened and the aliens thought this was good, and the aliens advertised their green credentials and congratulated each other with great fanfare at ceremonies arranged for the purpose.

But they forgot the bees. In the process of renewal they buried the nest sites of multiple native bees (non aliens) that had developed over decades, if not millennia. And the bees didn’t come back.

Then one day a bee was seen holding on to a dried stem of grass in a nearby field, a deserted field.

Just as well the aliens were short-sighted or they might have done the job ‘properly’.

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Long Horn

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This Beetle wandered up the branch I was searching and stopped at the edge of the leaf for a few shots, then turned and went his way, off into the wilds of the tree and its other inhabitants.

It’s nice when things happen just right.

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