Nature's Place

Emerald Winter

Inside jet black eyes, looking with a will … what doesn’t need repeating any more, negated by the way.

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Jewel wasp, wandering the power pole in search of something unseen, or nothing … energetically apprehended.

On the sunny side of the 2 foot wide pole and she didn’t mind my shadow over her as she cast about, and still.

A little beauty with big shiny black eyes, metallic blue body armour and perfect wings to carry her as needs be.

A little green for show or decoration, long stiff hairs to keep the smaller creatures at bay. Perfect in every way.

What could she be after, out under the sky on a bare wooden landscape that offers little in the way of shelter.

Material perhaps, or for where she laid her eggs, or another’s. A simpler nature. No self reflection to complicate.

Emerald or jewel wasp, exploring the power pole for I don’t know what. It was a job keeping up with her.

Winter time here in Oz but the sun still shines most days. Some days with towering white clouds above, drifting slowly.

The wind blowing in from the sea can be cold, but that’s relative. A little work in the garden soon alters the outlook.

It’s a pleasure all round, in the simple sense of things.

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