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Bee Again …

The only full face shoot available to me on the day. Good posture, didn’t notice me at all, too focused.

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Seedlings shooting up all over the place, will eventually bear flowers and food for the bees that drink hereabouts.

All different individuals, they don’t stop for long, just like they are when visiting flowers in the garden. Busy bees.

And dedicated, no slackers here. They have one mission, to serve the purpose of the hive and the queen, one life.

One for all and all for one. Loved that about the three musketeers. Such a selfless lot, well at least they endeavored. I think. :-)

Mid winter here in the southern hemisphere, cold and often wet lately, I don’t expect to find much to shoot (photograph to the uninitiated).

Then I found this hidden oasis where it has been hiding in the open all these years, at my feet. Down the road from my mechanics place.

I went wandering off the beaten pathways and came to a creek and stood still a while in the warm sunshine that Brisbane’s winter is famous for.

Then I heard it, a buzzing sound upon the trickle of the clear creek water at my feet. Bees, taking up the moisture and minerals below.

This, from my first such discovery of this bee-haviour, was a pleasure to see.

And so I went to work, down on my hunkers, stretching this way and that, using the versatile stick for support and maneuverability to get the shots and not fall in.

And so it goes, doing our best to not fall in while enjoying what we can, as long as it lasts.

This life of mine …

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The Woods … and Other Creatures

Siren call, to a bee, or someone who can see …

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Surprise resident, though shouldn’t be, knowing nature occupies every sheltered spot.

And unafraid, apparently at ease with having been disturbed from its resting place.

Time for a few shots, a patient model, going nowhere in a hurry at a pace. A slow pace, pause …

The dome of its colourful and bountiful house. Blooming just beginning on this one.

An almost sweet face, to a mother. … Who knows what nature sees in nature. Surely no unhappiness here.

When the flowers bloom it’s time to visit them, wherever they are. So I came upon them once more, deliberately.

They were a little older, matured, and somewhat bedraggled from the cold and rain. But some still shone.

As I took one in my hand and touched the greenery beneath a big spider ran out and stopped aloft.

Huntsman, looks like, young but already making its way to maturity, being fed enough.

Enough for now, it always seems so in nature. No waste in this apparent wasteland.

Which nature can sometimes appear to be.

But it’s only an appearance.

As you can see.

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