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Birdbath Life …

Not sure any more who’s is who’s but this is one of Katie’s, I think. Thanks for the pix Katie. :-) … Birds loving the water on a sunny day.

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The same kind of bird as last one, maybe even the same individual. Don’t know the names. I just see them obviously enjoying themselves.

Another kind, sharper because of the brighter light, checking out the quality of the water. Is it good enough?

“Mmm, I’ll have a go.” Lovely cool clean rainwater. Nothing like it to clear out the dust ‘n’ things.

And then there’s this wagtail, noisy little fellow, always announcing himself. Even brought a friend one day. Thoroughly enjoys the bath regularly.

As you can see, just about. They must feel vulnerable in the bath, in and out in the blink of an eye. Predators about perhaps. Kookaburra maybe … but not this time.

And then the bees showed up, and came again for a few days.

Gathering a little water for the hive. … The dark coloured dish heats up in the sunshine but the bees didn’t seem to notice or mind.

I had to work a little to capture one in a more photogenic posture and position or angle. A little sunlight breaking up on the eye.

Hot, hot, hot … but that’s the thing about these hive honey bees. Individuals are expendable – if that’s what’s happening regards the heat of that dish.

As I got the garden going at the new place a birdbath seemed appropriate, and I just happened to have one Kate no longer wanted when she was also moving recently.

I put it where it can be seen from the table where I write this, indoors, and also from the table on the veranda outside where we sit and relax now and again.

The pix are as good as they get from my gear, which was chosen for macro, not for fast moving birds in shadow = slow shutter speeds = blur.

But never mind, a few bees also found the birdbath attractive in recent days. They make up the sharper few – I do like to see the detail.

How can anyone not see the intelligence in nature, isn’t it obvious from the form and function of the small creatures, if nothing else.

Even the rain that’s falling right now, the form and function – fluid in every way, and wets every thing.

Beautiful too, in its own way.

Nature is …

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After The Rains …

What nature provides in the aftermath, to those who adapt and can see.

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… everything gets on with it, everything that’s left.

This honey bee appeared between downpours and found a little nourishment.

Amazing in all the debris, and that everything was washed away, it stopped for a couple shots.

A little welcome to the new place that hasn’t had a chance to register the changes I’ve made to the garden.

Maybe next year, if I’m still here – who knows what may be – in a place that’s weathered the worst downpours in decades.

The owner is working hard to ensure the place is ready for worse to come, and so much else is good about the place, why not.

If things work out I might soon have the space and dry to work and get some of my bees to market this year –

We’ll see …

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