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Frog Platoon

Sitting in the flowers under an open sky during the day, surrounded by trees with birds coming and going all day long. Brave frog.

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During the night, a daytime frog is a very rare thing here. They climb around the place, usually after sitting still for long periods.

Each individual a unique character, discernible in the the way s/he presents. Posture, colouring, attitude, the complete and distinctive form.

Orange crucifix orchid beetle, loves to eat enough of the flowers to get her young going. Then leaves them to finish off, as far as I can tell.

The second such encounter with mating huntsman spiders – see a recent post, in the dead of night on the crucifix orchid. Same orientation, she’s above and he’s below ready to drop out of harms way, depositing his contribution to the species.

Surrounded in orange, or yellow, and loving it. It’s common to see insects with a piece missing, in this case a clawed foot. Tough world out there.

A searching posture, ready to jump perhaps. Who knows what they see, maybe the same as you and me – food and things. Except we have different diets I’m sure.

MC for the frog’s ball. Conducting the ceremonies with a zen like ease. Maybe … Or just sitting there, being a frog. Content in the absence of mental ‘issues’. No hangups from the past, or worries about the future. This is a here and now frog.

And the singer gets her chance to shine, or is it he … Soon after my seven frogs started to sing they all but disappeared. But they’ll be back …

Frog food? Maybe. But for now, and most of the time I see them, they are thoroughly enjoying the mold and fungus on the old lemon staked in the garden to attract the tiny weevils. Life is good …

One of the recent appearances, a harmless red wasp sleeping on the broad nasturtium leaves at night. One of the first of the many characters that have begun to make up the burgeoning population of the garden.

With the recent warming of the weather the frogs have dispersed into the long garden – a recently developed habitat, kept moist and naturally full of insect life.

They can still be found but not so easily as when they were all on the crucifix orchids, which the orange beetles larva are making a meal of the orange flowers.

Well, such is life, everything has its season and the season for frogs now may just be to get out into the wider world and find a mate, or a friend – do frogs have friends?

The season for the crucifix beetle has arrived. Their favourite being the orange, but they’ll get around to the pink when they’ve finished that. At some point I’ll just let ’em rip.

Until then it’s a case of managing the garden’s resources for desirable outcomes, and everything is mutable.

Every thing is mutable.

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Frog Hunter …

Doing what I can to make the frogs at home enough to stay around I have considered what food they need, but in the months I’ve observed them I haven’t seen one eat anything at all.

Since the crucifix orchid is also a favourite of snails, there are many of them at any time, I thought they might be on a frog’s menu.

But not this time … Can’t assume anything, one plus one doesn’t necessarily equal two.

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