Nature's Place

The Enchanted Garden

Wasp taking a break from the hectic pace of life on the wing. They do rest when it’s needed.

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Looks like a nosy fellow, ho ho. Trailing a human hair perhaps, uncaring. Pointedly sensing his position.

Just having fun on the red nasturtium, looking for a meal no doubt. Going about her little life.

Darkling climbing about the new begonia leaves. Maybe they are host to something nice to a hungry beetle.

A colourful fly. Sensitive to light you’ve got to be lucky to get a shot using pre-flash – on auto exposure.

Waiting for a meal to come visit. She made a home by folding leaves over her and waited for the buds to flower. Patient lady.

Another kind of creature, another place. No nook or cranny left uninhabited for long. The garden’s gypsy’s, living life on the fly, always doing their best.

Not yet established, more like evolving, the garden is nevertheless home to many creatures after 9 months. Too many to capture or include here.

Every one has its own form and function, in sense as shape, colour and sound. Each has its own center and place in the bigger picture of nature as a whole system.

They all interact in their way, or the way of the garden that grows this and that, this way and that way, in shade and shine. Every variation of the static lending to the mobility and interaction of the animated ones.

It’s a wonder to watch at times, when the wind blows the leaves and flowers, the sun shines while the butterflies and bees and many others imbibe the nectar on offer to sustain the never ending turn of life.

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Not Another Frog …

First shot available and taken, including dark ordure. Sometimes life just ain’t pretty, or easy.

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It quickly became apparent this horse fly was for posing, even positioning, gently.

Angles available without too much movement to disturb. A much settled fly.

There happened to be the red nasturtium for background. Nice contrast …

Can’t see what I’ve got til I get it back to the computer. They don’t usually stay for seconds.

In for the detail of the business end of things, what bites, draws blood.

With the warming weather comes a burgeoning of forms from the nearby woods to the long garden.

One in recent days is the horse fly. Usually too busy a fly for me to get any shots of at all.

Then, during one of my frequent visits to the garden, I saw this female at rest.

And went to work … what we do.

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