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Dark Visitor …

… came to the computer one night, must have got in during the day. So I gave it a finger to climb on and took it outside and put it where it could fly away easily. It took its time exploring the piece of wood so I left it to it, not wanting to overplay my opportunities.

Always give a little back, eases the weight of acquisitive human nature.

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The Idea Behind …

… what I do, on this site and at the Macro Days, is as old as the hills. I came to it through a fundamental need, born of my experience, to know peace of mind. And to know peace of mind requires a willingness to change, first.

The only impediment is my own psychological self, the conditioning of the mind repeating itself, the grip of the past. It is necessary to know and understand how it repeats before the solution can be realised, and it is simple.

But you can’t do anything if you don’t see or have the need for it. Perception is reality in this case, because it’s very easy to think or believe “I can’t do this” with its attendant negative emotions, and so determine your reality, or your unreality.

This idea is mine in as much as I articulate it and live it, the best I can. If you get it, the idea, it is also yours, as much as you live it – this is important, nobody owns an idea, or everybody does.

The idea is not exclusive, any man or woman can do it any time anywhere. It’s just a matter of taking the action.

When the time is right. But don’t wait for another time if you need it now.

The question then is, do you need it now?


What is the ‘Problem?

What, in your own experience – not what you’ve read or been told, is the common factor in any problem you have ever had. What is the common factor in worry, heartache, paranoia, jealousy, misery, depression, or any other form of unhappiness?

It is thinking and/or emotion. Usually a mix of the two since they are inextricably linked. You can’t get emotional without thinking and you can’t have thinking without emotion to generate it, as a problem. Emotion generates thought about what it is you are emotional about, and thinking (about a problem) stirs emotion about the thing thought. One is dependent on the other, as a problem. If it’s not a problem it doesn’t matter.

Now, in your own experience is there any other common factor in any form of unhappiness you know of, besides thought and emotion? There is, your attention or intelligence. The fact you give your attention to your unhappiness is what fuels it, fundamentally. Which is how you can be distracted from your unhappiness, by distracting your attention.

You might say otherwise but the next time you are unhappy you will notice it is the thinking and emotion that sustains it, by you giving your attention to it as if it is the greater reality.

It is, but only because you have believed it, and as long as you still believe it. And that is a mechanical process.

That’s my own experience. What is yours?


Well, clearly, if thinking and emotion are the basis for unhappiness the solution to unhappiness has got to be in the cessation of that emotion and thinking. Or do you think your unhappiness comes from ‘outside’ and you can find the solution ‘there’, somebody or something does it to you, so somebody or some thing can fix it, really?

After all these years people, you and me, have sought the solution to unhappiness ‘out there’ and we haven’t found it yet, out there. Maybe because it isn’t out there at all and it’s time to look elsewhere, and the only where else to look is inside. Or do you know of somewhere else?

So, how to free myself of the mechanics of unhappiness? That’s the only real question I can see since the solution would be the basis for the only real change from the unhappy human condition that prevails. Or is there something more important than to be free of unhappiness?

If there is, I’d like to know what.


And the Solution?

Thinking and emotion persist as unhappiness because we give it our attention at the outset. What if we don’t give it our attention, what then? What if I am fast enough to catch the thought or emotion before it takes me over? How do I speed up my intelligence enough to keep the unhappiness out?

Surely, if I don’t attend to the feeling or thinking that constitutes unhappiness, as if it is the truth, I can’t be unhappy. Surely? I know this looks too absurdly simple to be true but test it in your own experience. If you don’t give your attention to your unhappiness and deal only in the facts of your life as they arise your unhappiness disappears, more or less.

For instance, if you are unhappy (or stressed, or whatever word you use for it) about something in particular you need to do something about it. If you are worried about having no money you need to do something about getting some, or give up worrying, that’s practical, factual. If you are fearful of the boss because he has a terrible temper you need to draw the line and stand your ground, for your own peace of mind, or accept the situation, or leave. Action clears the problem.

Any other practical ‘problem’ also requires practical action to eliminate the emotion.  That leaves the habit of unhappiness, the fact it keeps on recurring uncontrollably, to be dealt with by not focusing on the emotion and so feed it with thinking.


So, there is the unhappy emotion or thinking – as a problem, and there is the attention I give to it. For there to be a solution there has to be something else to give my attention to, and there is.

There is another element in this (mechanical) system of being human that is rarely observed and that is the sensation inside. This is the means of speeding up the intelligence, by slowing down the mind.

What this means is you have something other than thought or emotion to focus on, something that is more real and won’t go away. And by doing so the ‘problem’ is reduced or eliminated.

So the solution, to the ‘problem’, is to take control of what you give your attention to, obviously.


To put it another way.

There is the problem (of emotion and thinking), there is the pure simple sensation – that is the only reliable anchor against the movement of mind, and there is the attention or intelligence that sustains either. Which am I going to give my attention to, the problem or the sensation?

The sensation ‘inside’ the body is the basis for the senses that appear to be of the ‘outside’ but are in fact cognised inside, sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste along with more subtle senses. And the senses are most easily realised in nature.

I start with focus on the pure inner sensation as it is the more substantive, and add the others as progress is made in slowing the mind, as the practise is established. Nature is the ‘outer’ reciprocal of the inner sensation.

This, the inner and outer of sensation and nature is the basis for the changeover from mind to sense, and it occurs gradually.


The way it works is this. What I give my attention to grows. If I give my attention to the ‘problem’ it grows, check next time you are worried what happens if you think about it, you get more worried. And if you can give your attention to the pure sensation what happens? It grows, or the problem (of emotion) recedes.

The ‘good’ Wolf and the ‘bad’ Wolf, of that old Indian proverb. The one that wins is the one you feed the most, or give your attention to.

But to be able to do it in the ‘hard’ times, when the pressure is really on, you have to have practised it in the ‘easy’ times.

Does this make sense? Questions or comments are welcome.

(See Meditate for an introduction to the practise.)

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Creatures of Divinity

While the appearance of insects is reduced in the fields and forests because of the cold, the cold sends a few to the light I leave on outside at night. So I get to see some creatures I wouldn’t otherwise.

It really is amazing the design of this beautiful existence, seen in the small natural things. Not by any ‘BIG’ Christian sort of God person but by the impersonal that is beyond the reach of thinking, reasoning, emotional Man. The impersonal that can be ‘seen’ when there is no one to go; ‘there’ it is. It just is, in all things, and out. That’s being, or being divine.


As for being human, a pained, thinking, emotionally interpretive creature that concerns itself with trivia and dies slowly and uncomfortably over a long period of time?

Who, in their right mind, would want that? And when seen to be utterly futile how to turn it to purpose.

We’ll see, is all I can say.

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The Disregarded

There aren’t any, disregarded, unless I personalise. That is ‘I’ disregard something as a form of exclusion. Otherwise everything is loved by something. And loves in turn. Whatever form that takes. The loved and the loving, all is love in the mystery of no-thing. And all are relentlessly drawn to that union. Not as a group or gang, hive or flock, which has its place, but in being, undivided from the wondrous intelligence before the separation into me and not began. Or begins, since the beauty of being is now not then.

It’s why everything dies, and dies into the being of the beautiful Earth where all our existential forms begin to form, and before that still where no form is.

Sort of. ((:

Who cares, really? In the end, as in the beginning, the nuts and bolts are in meditation – on the pure sensation and the practise of being – no-existential-thing.


This creature came in under the door and ran frantically round the room until it exhausted itself. I suspect the surface of carpet is the equivalent of walking on sand to an insect, not easy. So I picked it up, gave it some water, posed it for a few shots and sent it on its way.

Mole Cricket it’s called. They dig into the earth with those big strong looking claws. And do whatever they do under the earth. I don’t know and can’t imagine but what all creatures do.

The same things you and I do. Did you imagine something else?

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A Fly by Four

Someone said “Great pix, but flies are disgusting.” Disgusting is in the mind, a self imposed, self perpetuating condition that prevents from seeing the objective reality of awe inspiring – universal – intelligence behind the form. Objective reality – having its being independent of the observer. How can one see what’s behind the form if one is hung up on an interpretation of the form.

One, you, can’t. To get behind the form, the fact, you’ve got to get down to the fact. By leaving the interpretation out of it. And the fact is of sense, which resolves to the pure inner sensation – meditation.

It’s an exercise and there is no other way but to do it. When you’ve had enough of being lost in the mind–ing.

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The Perfect Picture …

… of sense, what else … is the one the mind doesn’t move on, obviously – no thought, no fault. Thinking is the only imperfection on sense. You can’t think about that.

Here’s one to practise on. No thinking now, though I don’t fancy your chances.  :)

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Silence is Golden

I woke from a dream last night. In it I met someone and I said to her; “There isn’t much to say unless we are engaged in something.”

Then, in the dream, I started singing Silence is Golden … Twice. And I woke.

A dream to wonder at.

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It’s not a feeling, more an absence. A state that can easily be read as negative though even that can’t be sustained, since there is nothing. This nothing has no will in it and so it is a peculiarity, a singularity. Nothing is undivided.

We’ll see. Nothing?


I tracked this ant around for a bit and was given a few decent shots. I say given because it keeps me in my place, there is a greater power in charge. Just look at the next creature that appears, it’s mere existence is a miracle – never mind that ‘Take up Thy bed and walk’ stuff.

Just look to see, if you can. And there it is, the miracle of sense. No religion required.

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That Time of Year (Life?) …

… when it could as easily rain as shine. Not good news for the market business, but then there is no good news for the market business except it is actually covering costs, though not technically. Chandler is not the right market for my product but it’s the wrong time of year for making enquiries of the right market, everyone’s busy, too busy. Early new year I’ll try get on the Riverside market where people sell my kind of stuff, original works, prints and paintings, etc.

Maybe. The other point is there is not a lot of money about, or being spent. There is a world recession on after all, a lack of confidence in the future – who can blame them.

Then again it might just be time to pack it in. Can’t tell what’s next from where I am.


The red fly is from the rainforest, a particular spot where there were a few more of his kind. The red Hibiscus Harlequin Bug on the underside of a flower, also from the rainforest. The Squash? Bug chipping away at some hardened white bird droppings along with a posse of ants, must be the nourishment, also in the rainforest nearby. A Lady bug of some kind, hard to keep from blowing highlights with these fellows. Another bug I caught as it ran along a nearby branch, just one shot. And a humble fly, magnificent creatures.

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