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Flower Power 2

Adds colour and contrast to the green or darkness, sometimes a scent, and feels silky smooth – mostly. And beauty, can’t forget the most important part, a little shimmering inside. This one is wonderfully yellow and it has stopping power, to stop an insect, or me, in its tracks.

Flowers feed the small creatures with pollen and nectar and are the precursor to what feeds you and me, fruits, seeds and things. Wonderful little things, flowers. And bugs.

In fact everything rests on the flowers and the bugs that tend them.

And they rest on the one primordial intelligence behind.


The same intelligence that pervades and upholds all things.

Known and not, that we call God.

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Cold Cold Sun

The weather in Brisbane is lovely this time of year. Now the run of rain has more or less broken, the sun is warm and the wind is cold. It is winter here after all. Although this means there are much fewer creatures about to photograph it is a welcome break from the summer’s heat, naturally.

The light is still bright but I don’t have to squint to see and walking in the nature has fewer hazards, such as the mozzies – still here, only fewer.


Some small creatures are still attracted to the light at night and the flowers beneath it. Truly wonderful creatures, yet so easily overlooked. And it is so in their most colourful clothes their lives are shortest. A brief flowering of form, to do what must be done – this is existence after all, in preparation for the death that inevitably follows.

It could be seen as sad but that’s not so. Death is not the end we think it is. An end, surely, to all that sense – colour and form. But a new beginning too, for life inside. Existence is a tunnel of events and circumstances and it only requires that it be traversed, with an eye on the greatest value, whatever that is for one – you or me. No morality please.

And the greatest value is to undergo the effects of existence without the holding on that just makes more effects that then have to dissipate or die. Surely? That’s being new, being now.


Death on my mind? Only in passing.

Passing what must be passed.

A little death. ((:

© Mark Berkery ……. Click any picture and click again to enlarge

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