Nature's Place

Neon Blue Delight

It was late afternoon on a very wet Macro Day when I noticed this tiny creature, about 5mm long, in the open downstairs bathroom trying to find a way out through the glass window.

To the eye this creature looked dark, with just a hint of blue with the light at the right angle and if seen with care. I often trap creatures I find downstairs, give them a feed and let them go – usually after a few shots if it can be managed. And I don’t release a creature into the night if it would usually be asleep in the dark.

So this one spent the night trapped in a jar with a rose leaf and a little honey. It sleeps with its head down and antennae wrapped under it. In the morning I took a few shots before and as it woke up. In fact it only really woke when I breathed a warm breath on it a few times.

Very quickly it came awake and started twitching those tiny antennae and wandering about and under the leaf. I gave it my finger to climb on and to warm up, which it did. And a few seconds later it took to the air, off to god knows where. To do its ordinary everyday business.

Wonderful little thing. Delightful, to me, little Emerald Cuckoo Wasp.

Mark Berkery ……. Click any picture and click again to enlarge