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Elegant Visitor

If existence is a mirror what could this little beauty symbolise …

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This little beauty, feeding on another beauty. There is beauty in and behind this fly. It is seen …

… inside. This is a wonderful intricately designed living thing, god made. Just looking to see …

To think there could be the one without the other, the mechanical without the spirit behind …

The whole, of every thing, exists in the space I see it in. Could the space represent a greater reality?

Could it be that simple? Well, I’ll go with simple any day. Though it’s not easy.

Simple is focus on the sensation inside. See how easy that is …

Life comes in all shapes and colours, form. This Drone Fly is one of the more elegant ones. He only comes once a year, early summer, and stays a couple weeks.

I have to be in the garden waiting before he will show up, he only comes if I call him … believe that if you will. He is fearless among his kind.

His way of flying is particular, has a certain quality of control other flies don’t. Beautifully quiet and deliberate.

His colourful dress and sleek form mark him out, uncommon. Particular work goes into his making.

A messenger of high regard amongst the gods, and wears the badge aproud.

If you see him on your travels say hello, he might be there for you.

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Woman …

Wanted. Yes, this is an advertisement.

I’m looking for a woman of love to love. But not just any woman, a woman that fits me in my life – whatever that is. A woman who loves the mystery, the unknown, the space of being still inside before the activity.

I don’t care if she’s old or young as long as she is willing to put love first. Love between man and woman always comes first, everything flows from that. And between man and woman love, the place inside, comes before the other. In other words woman has to hold to love before form, as does man, or love turns to emotion and conflict or familiarity and disinterest.

We all love things, nature, the children, chocolate … We love our woman or our man, but too often we love our emotions or imagination more, our great personality – the great con. But what about love without the thing? I love things too but I am really focussed on the love, not the thing. There is nothing more important in this life than to make love real, or more real, by making love rightly.

Love before the love of things or form, formless love. It’s a real place inside beneath all the thinking and emotion – other things, and even within and beneath the pure sensation. Love, the reality, is realisable, where there is enough love.

Well, you know most what you need to know about me from this site. It says what I am and do, more or less. On this site you can see my life has been reduced to sense, the sense of being before the excitement or distraction of being something. Sense and sensation, simple being.

I don’t think I can say it all here and now so … though I might add to this over the next week or so. I might not.

If you are a woman and this resonates with you and you want to meet, any natural place within reach of SE Brisbane, have a cup of tea, or so … 

At least I’ll show you how to photograph the little creatures, if nothing else.

You can contact me privately here Contact by email or any comment or question is welcome in the box below.

Have at it ladies, and gentlemen – I’ll answer any questions come my way.

If you are so moved. Or just move on to …


… the entertainment.

Garden Visitors …

A Flower Beetle. Love those antennae. Big and heavy hairy creatures, ungainly in flight but survive the hardest crashes.

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Female Lynx spider. She does love her food, and her babies. I have often seen the male looking after the eggs yet to hatch.

Queensland Fruit Fly. Real gardeners would kill me for leaving food out for these little ones. They love soft fruit especially.

Maybe a kind of Huntsman spider? It had its place on the sunflower, clearly loved its little life. May even still be in the green …

This one loves a good mess, carries it on its back, probably as camouflage or to ward off predators. Then becomes a beetle.

Bluebottle Fly just loves its aerobatics in the shadowy places in the garden. Also loves the rotting things I encourage in the dark.

This little beetle loves flowers, all of them. Including this nicotiana which could be the death of it, being so sticky.

They come and they go. Waves of form and colour with one fundamental function, to enable the earth to reproduce in all its other forms.

And it all exists because of the form I am, a body of sense to see that came out of the love of man and woman.

Love, not money, makes the world go round.

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Truth, what it is …

If the word truth stands for anything these days it has to be the end of suffering. Suffering is being emotional and thinking about it and is ended by right action, knowing what I am doing. Any conscious action that helps reduce the volume of random thinking and the emotion it generates.

So what is the simple truth? I, ‘I’ am the truth. I in any body, where you are, is the truth. Is that difficult? I, in the body reading this, am the truth in the body reading this. I am the truth in any body. What is this truth I am? Nothing, nothing the mind can think.

Then there is what I am. I am a body. Not the body in the mirror, the body inside where I know clarity or pain. The body I am is, in the first instance, the sensation in the body – also unthinkable. The way back to the truth of ‘I’ is through the sensation.

When I practise this truth, by focus of attention on sensation, enough, the problem of mind, thinking and emotion, dies. Or dies enough that I don’t have to suffer from it any more. At work here is the truth what I give my attention to lives, the rest dies, dies enough that it’s not a problem any more. It’s a gradual process of negation.

This practise of truth I am in the body, the sensation, is always done now, not tomorrow. It is the sensation in the body now, feel the tingling or pressure inside the hands (for instance). That’s it, and this is now.

So, there is the problem of mind, thinking and emotion. And there is the solution, or truth, the being of the sensation in the body that leads to clarity, or peace of mind. It’s that simple. Another word for the realisable reality behind this is love.

I am not special. This is something anybody who has suffered, and recognises the need for, can do. It’s just a question of willingness, willing to give up the habit of mind.

Do you see the need for peace of mind? I can show you how to do it, because I have done it by the same means, someone helped me.

Is this something you want to do? What is your experience now, peace of mind or suffering?

Do you have a truth you live now? Do you have a problem with anything I’ve said here?

Have you ever recognised your inner reality reflected in your circumstances?

It’s up to you how deep we go here, I can only respond. Do you have any questions?

No question is insignificant and I will respond to every one.

Anyone want to kick off and see where this goes?

In comments below or privately …

And for your viewing pleasure. There is truth in the sense of this little beauty, colour, form and space – the sense of sense behind it all. The truth of sense is the end of thinking and emotion. What I do …

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Helmed Warrior

Proud little thing. Holding on to a blade of grass as he surveys the terrain, what he senses.

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And on my hand for a while, while I got the blade of grass ready for his consideration.

Up and down the blade he went, undecided on a course or direction. Wonderful coloured helmet.

What goes on in his tiny mind, is it really that small … He doesn’t need much inner space for his functioning.

Pointed little fella. Represented in his horned helm of green. Casting about for indications, of what is important …

While I was inspecting the tree with all the christmas beetles this little fella landed at my feet and proceeded on his (or her) mission, to travel, to feed, to mate and die under the sun and moon.

What we all do in one way or another. And along the way if we get to actually enjoy doing it all, just being here, how lucky is that, and a bit of work.

What a wonderful world … or earth, the simple things being, being simple.

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Jacaranda & Co

Wings still unfolded, he was content to wait out on the end of a projection. Safer that way.

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There’s only one direction danger can come from, behind. As long as you don’t fall off in the darkness.


Wave … They often make strange gestures when quiet and alone, exercising their limbs, no doubt.

Here you can see one of its other handicaps, missing lower legs. Who knows how …

And from below … Wing trailing like a cloak for this well dressed beetle.

Eyes feel the need for cleaning. Nature’s creatures spend a lot of time preening, keeping in top condition.

Clearly incapacitated, with no sign of self consideration. We can learn from the fact of nature.

The rain came and soaked the ground, the garden sang out green, and the little creatures came out to play – what they do.

Though there was barely a leaf on the jacaranda tree after a long dry winter it was only a week or so after the rain started it was covered in flowers, famously.

One rainy night I made the most of some christmas beetles knocked to the ground by the force of wind and falling water, some just couldn’t hold on.

Colour and contrast, some of the little beauties in a small patch of nature in the garden.

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Bug Rain …

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It has rained for a week, or more … a tree fell across the drive, revealing rot enough three more have to come down, before they fall.

And on the way down it took the top off another healthy tree, full of bugs, that made its way to a bucket of water, to keep it alive while they …

One day there was nothing but the spider to shoot, who is now running out of flowers to hunt on. The next there was more than I could tell.

Ripples in the pond, a drop wets everything it touches.

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Mother … Again

… and again.

Up close, without the personal … this spider doesn’t rationalise or emotionalise her situation. She is … the act of sitting. Knowing …

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Sitting in expectation, without a thought, as instinct informs her being something will come to this also active living flower.

Infinite variations in posture, in readiness for that something when it comes. An almost meditative occupation, why not … instinctively.

‘What’s that I see above me, come into my arms, let me show you the way of spider dear. A one way exercise, have no fear.’

Oops! No crack in this hard shelled ladybug, to slip in a pointed lesson in survival, not yours. And ladybug went on her way.

No mercy for the unwary though. She came for food for the hive and became food for the spider. Such is life to one, death to another.

And flies do join the banquet, never far from a feast. No more than providing for young yet … to be … you might think her a beast.

Being dead, no good for a bee. Or is death something else than a little body bent to spider queen. Coup de grâce complete.

and again.

She stayed the life of the flower, then moved on to the next one. Pretty soon she was in food again, the more abundant honey bee attending.

I helper her along, so she didn’t have to move far, or rely on wind for direction – casting a thread to the currents is how she travels.

She will probably stay on this one for a while, it having multiple heads still to open. Then the butterfly bush should be in bloom.

We’ll see, nothing is sure but the rising and setting of the sun, as long as there is witness to it.

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Mother’s Return …

First sighting was on the butterfly bush. She had tacked a few leaves together to form a shelter from which to survey.

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I am always careful not to disturb these small creatures too much but she wasn’t concerned at all, shifting only slightly.

And then I pushed in for a closer shot. Gotta take what is available, she may not be there for what is wanted. Things change.

At some point she climbed onto the sunflower and pulled a few petals over her, to guard her from the world of birds and things.

Upside-down doesn’t seem to bother her, she is just as agile as long as her feet touch something solid and her web holds.

She has no interest in those tiny creatures, hardly worth the effort to capture it seems. Waiting for the prize, a honeybee perhaps.

But not today, that I saw anyway. No doubt she will catch a meal to suit her needs, or she dies. It’s only a matter of nature.

She came with the rain, probably not the same one as BEFORE.

Out of nowhere she appeared, on a butterfly bush that is two or more weeks from flowering, after a long slow spring.

I noticed her only because of the crumpled looking leaves. How she got there, and so big already, I don’t know. Abseiled in perhaps?

Then, next day, six feet distant, I found her on the sunflowers, where there would be more opportunity to exercise those fine tuned survival instincts.

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Characters …

Each a unique expression of one life with one purpose.

To live just as they are.

Three stingless bees evicting another from the hive they attacked. This mop-up went on for months after the raid – They probably defended the honey hoard or the queen, ’til death.

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Not a tasty looking morsel, to me anyway. Fiery red assassin bug in one of its early forms, the wing ‘buds’ give it away.

Katydid prowling the flowers at night. They don’t eat as much as their larger cousins, grasshoppers, so I leave them to the tender mercies of the other night stalkers. Who lives and who dies … who knows.

Tree blood, from the same one the red assassin bug is on above. Delicious … colour.

This moth ran into me one night in the garden, then stopped in front of the lens. Interesting ‘head’ gear, the fringe on top.

What can I say … a bug on a branch doing what it does, balanced with a drop of moisture. Everything has its place.

If you look carefully – click it – you will see this fly is depositing eggs on larva on the leaf above its head. A leaf from the same tree the recent sawfly and larva were found, here –

A leaf beetle. rounded, colourful and I’ve never seen it eat another creature except leaves. Maybe that’s its gentle nature.

And in the end … walking on the edge of the world. Precarious positioning. Don’t fall off …

© Mark Berkery ……. Click on those pictures for a closer look