Nature's Place

Winter Sun Flowers

And, of course, their visitors. From night and day, they come and go either way.

Beautiful yellow standing tall and shining brightly out for all to see, in our crisp winter sunlight. Any bug in sight of it will have to visit this notable feature of their landscape. A wonderful welcome to any hungry survivor, though few there be, sufficiently.

It has been cold and wet enough for mold or fungus to form on the lower leaves and stems of the few sunflowers I have growing and nature has provided a remedy in the form of a fungus beetle, a yellow and black Ladybug and larva.

There are a few other creatures that visit but the beetle has made a big impression on the fungus and the plants have stood taller since being tended so. They will live longer and healthier for it.

It’s just another one of those relationships that give the lie to the purely rational ‘It’s only what you see’. It is, but not only. There is a wonder and intelligence that I prefer to call love behind the function and intricacies of a nature that is our own. That’s what connects every thing, beneath the apparent discord.

I don’t mean that in any ‘religious’ way. It’s just the spiritual way it is. :)

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