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Pouring Down


Except for the rain it is very quiet at home today. The roar of the water hitting the roof overwhelms every other sound. Probably because the roof is of a thin coated metal, like corrugated iron. The sight of the rain falling on the already soaked earth. A pleasant cacophony of sound and vision, to me.

I’ve been sorting my pictures, just deleting what is no good. One of the good things about digital camera’s is I can take as many shots of a subject as I like or can get. Since they upload to the computer I don’t have to pay for expensive film to see them. That’s a great advantage over how it used to be. I once had a good camera but I didn’t use it because it was so expensive to see what I captured on film.

The downside is there are now a heap of pictures to view and keep and file, or delete. It’s always the way isn’t it, where there’s an up there’s a down. And we manage. I’ve just downloaded Picassa and it looks very good but only time will tell. So far I have found the old Windows picture viewer best for deleting as I go. Some programs are just not well enough thought out, you’d think the people who design them don’t actually use them.

The water has settled on the lawn outside the window and I can see the drops that fall from the trees hitting the surface. The rain is still falling as well, only more lightly now. It’s lovely to see the gentle disturbances by the rain of the pools, on the surface of my mind. Calming and relaxing of any tension.

Relaxation is the key to enjoyment, without it any pleasure will bring a corresponding displeasure. An excitation of the psyche reverberates in the mind and returns like the ripples on the pool of water. Relaxation filters the harsh edges of the rippling until there is only a simple pleasure in being, no problem.

It’s the way the cats are most of the time, if they haven’t been mistreated by man. Just lazing about, as cats do, enjoying the simplicity of being. Or being the simplicity of cat.

We can learn a lot by observing the nature and creatures around us. They remind me of places inside I may have forgotten for a while, aspects of me, my own real nature.

T’is enlightening to see.


Rain Ripples

All copyright reserved / Mark Berkery


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