Nature's Place


It is a pleasure for me to observe the forms of nature, the bugs and flowers, and everything else. In the particular and the sense of the whole. What happens in that world, my world – for it is my nature as it is anyone’s who acknowledges it, is often a reflection of my own self.

Often I will see in nature the wisdom I already know but unclouded by any mind, just a clear reflection that is all too easy to overlook.
The way it works is simple. All existence is a reflection of my own inner life. All existence is what I can sense now, anything else is in the mind.

The light of intelligence I am behind shines out through the purer impersonal psyche where nature’s reality is and on the way picks up the one sense of it for projection through the body, the senses, as the Earth. Nature takes form.

On the way, closer to existence, it (or I, the light I am) also passes through the personal psyche, with its varying degrees of emotional conditioning and factual experience, and picks up the sense of it for projection into existence as the world on the Earth and my circumstances or situation in it. Mind takes form too.

Whether or what I see in the sense of it all depends very much on how still I can be inside, still of mind. For it is only the movement of mind that clouds the reflection.

A clear reflection depends on a still mind.

When the mind of emotion and thinking is still it is possible to see nature as it is, the fact of it. Or the world for that matter.

When I can see the fact of it without the distortion of mind there is a possibility of seeing the reality behind. Emotion gives rise to distortion. Fact gives way to reality.

When I have practiced seeing the fact of nature enough I see through the fact to the reality of the beauty of it. Nature is beauty.

When I reflect on the beauty of nature enough I begin to resonate inside at the frequency of the beauty the intelligence of nature is and I am that. I return to my true nature. Or truer, more real nature.
What I acknowledge this way returns as my existence. Troublesome mind and world or beautiful nature and world in its place.

Acknowledgment is not thinking about it, not getting emotional about it. It is being reflecting on the sense of it. Whatever it is.

It all depends on what I acknowledge. I do it. I make my life what it is. Or I don’t do it and I still make my life what it is. So might as well do it?
Acknowledgment of the simple sense of good nature is doesn’t just happen. It is done. Then you’ll see what happens.
Copyright Reserved / Mark Berkery

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